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One of the most biologically rich nations on earth costa rica is known for its welcoming people who are committed to preserving the natural beauty of their beloved country monkeys, and crocodiles. I’ve heard wonderful things about the beaches here the volcano what treasures will you find with an in-depth visit to Costa Rica okay everybody let me introduce you’re here. This is a augustine and I was saying here’s the one that owns this place, and from the distance humming birds all they see is green green green green green green yellow over there Oh food over here and I smell it that was Dennis gonna cross it around.

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So you can smell it, it’s called Elon Elon, it’s called the miracle fruit. I want it, and it’s going to change that sour taste into a something very sweet okay. So that’s why, it’s called the miracle okay, and temple here you know you tried it first okay just suck it up anybody else doesn’t try to before you try to mingle hmm that’s good costa rican agriculture is a major portion of the country’s gross domestic product smaller scale sustainable farming methods are becoming increasingly popular throughout Costa Rica, it’s ball long lover amazing.

I can’t do without major by hand Milton needle nicotine Milton if you have any nature interests. This is a wonderful place to come, and visit there is a wide variety of things to see from sea level to well up into the elevated areas some of the plants, and animals that you see, it’s a full plate of things that are extremely interesting said to contain as much as six percent of the world’s plant, and animal species in an area with the combined size of Vermont, and New Hampshire Costa Rica overflows with natural treasures.

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