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We’ve enjoyed this trip very much thank you thank you we have a great tour leader great group of people sweeping landscapes cobblestone streets, and genuine Sicilian culture explore this island in the heart of the Mediterranean the first thought that came into your mind as you as the kids who are growing up that’s it is stereotyped, it’s labeled as being the heartland of demacia stereotype yes it is Gino who gave us a little information on the Mafia it was very very good on your left looking at picture number five is one of Italy’s top bankruptcy judges, and we want extremely proud of it the boy from the back streets of Palermo made it big he was. So good everybody wanted to get their hands on him professionally speaking the mafia lesson was wonderful, and really gave us a lot of information about the Mafia here in Corleone it was a massive massive wake-up call for everybody here in Italy the eight temples of the valley of the temples were built in the th, and th centuries BC when this was a Greek colony they honor Heracles Zeus Hera, and Vulcan among other gods, it’s a softer marine star that’s easy to curve it but, it’s difficult to conserve it the Greeks knew that, and they wanted to prevent the erosion for the code in the stone with a white stucco, and plaster which at the same time made the temples looking as white as those of Greece in juxtaposition with the city behind them, and the sky that’s when they’re really beautiful.

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I can’t imagine living here. I just it would be fun, and then they could look out over the land of what they own and I think about the ships coming into the coast at night with the torches lighting up the temples, and it must have been very impressive we see the school Foundation project from browser young but. I will probably yeah we’re from Naples oh yeah they were very enthusiastic very happy to see us they were asking questions of us, and then they were offering us some cookies it was just a delightful experience.

So tell me. How are you ready for today yeah they’re looking forward to the visit to the school visiting school our program directors Mauricio, and he is he is attentive to the needs of Burma travelers, and even for one individual he will he will go out of his way to satisfy their need today’s a great place for gelato but they honor our program direct, and Mauricio is the best best best. I’ve been on six grand circle tours, and he is by far the very best wonderful sense of humor great knowledge of his country, and he’s sharing with us in order to learn about a country that you visit. I think you need to meet the people the thick crust Sicilian pizza came from the western end of the island, and was a popular dish by the s.

This is Finch oh no, and it’s a Sicilian pizza with then when the tomato sauce onion bread crumbs, and anchovies. I said. I would be happy to wash dishes in Europe.

I had a few like fans officiate at sunrise oh really did. I you can see that pink colors no behind technology snow in winter festivals ooh. I like to say thank you to Josefina juicy we call her.

I’m there okay. How to enjoy their cooking some of you came inside that that the kitchen is very nice to see that actually, and see what they’re cooking helping the mounting majority just a bounty Indian. So la da de terre do a pasta, it’s really good Larry Lawrence Lorenzo Lorenzo ignore me several mafia bosses have come from Corleone a village of,. I was very impressed with Corleone normally you think of the Godfather in the movies, and the Mafia, and it was just very interesting, and not at all what.

I had expected, it’s a very charming little town we did see some people on the street got some pictures of some men sitting together, and talking try to say it the right way Corleone a was extremely interesting it was good to walk the streets where. So many of the Mafia but to get a better impression of history of that area a Mediterranean with an idyllic climate dramatic vistas, and Hardy koozie Sicily embodies all things Italian it clearly has its own flavor we are going to agrigento but first we go to Corleone. I’m enjoying to say.

So much. So beautiful, and there are. So many things that are.

So old, and it’s almost hard to believe you’re looking at is a real place from. So many years, and in such beautiful conditions walking the streets of this island what cultural fabric here defines the true Sicilian you.

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