Rana Erol Trip Leader to Turkey

Hello Mary hubba my name is Renato. I am a program director for Grand Circle travel on cross roads of Turkey as. I was growing up.

I traveled the entire country every year we would take a trip with our car for about a month in the summer, and my dad was very much interested in outdoor activities as well as ancient sites, and the hidden treasures of my country aphrodisias is my favorite ancient site that we have in Turkey since it is a little bit inland not many tourists go there you feel like you just walk into this gorgeous Roman site, and you’re there all by yourself. I actually took my guests to gaze apart protests a couple of the guests were interested in what was going on politically in Turkey in Istanbul, and then. I suggested if they would like to that they can come with me one night about four five came the second night about came, and on the third night the whole bus we went out to the park and I taught them couple of Turkish words in order to protest, and the most important thing was clapping.

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So we all clap, and as we walked it was a great discovery for our guests that the people who were protesting on istic land Street were. So amazed to see Americans protesting along with them, and they were very proud of themselves and I was very proud of them hum aapke day which means cotton castle is outstanding it says white terrorists. So beautiful along the cliff of those fools filled with, and thermal water people swimming in them bathing, and there have been there for centuries in order to get some cure it takes your breath away it is.

So spectacular and I think everyone should see it. I hope that you will come visit my country, and join me to discover the hidden treasures of Chris Rose of Turkey together you.

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