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BY RAIL: Amtrak trains, with dining car service and slumber-coach, roomette or bedroom accommodations link New York City with the West Coast. You can save up to 25 per cent on excursion coach fares from Boston. Washington, Chicago and many other cities if you complete your trip within 30 days.

Amtrak features the U.S.A. Rail Pass for unlimited travel at a flat rate for given periods of time (14. 21 and 30 days). They also offer package tours to New York which include travel and hotel accomma-100 dation.

The Montrealer runs from Montreal to New York, with excellent connections from other parts of Canada.

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I went to the new school, which I didn’t like. At 15, friends are harder to make than at 11. My classmates had all been together since they started school and I was on the fringe. The groups and gangs were formed and I soon realised that I ran Seeds the danger of ending up with the sad and the bullied, so I reacted by painting myself as a mysterious loner who was biding time before setting off around the globe. My schoolmates in Berkshire didn’t quite know how to treat me; most were starting to form their own plans: the dull were leaving as soon as they could, destined for local labour fodder, the others were staying for sixth form. All the science buffs wanted to work in nearby Harwell, the rest had half-formed ideas of working in various businesses, mostly local, many with their families. A few had university plans. My mysterious loner persona placed me as being tolerated on the edge of school society and mostly left alone. I began to put myself in a position I couldn’t retreat from. Before the O-level exams at the end of the summer term, I went to London for an interview with a shipping company, to apply for a place as a deck cadet with their oil tanker fleet.

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