Four Small Islands Thailand

Hey guys today, I’m finna show me last night mistress in Coletta’s Thailand something that we wanted to do in Thailand was to go to the small little island which we did however I was not really able to blog during that time.

Four Small Islands Thailand Photo Gallery

Because my regular camera I didn’t really want to take out too much I was afraid to get wet, and then walk on the GoPro is kind of difficult. So it’s not really ideal teddy bear it was the loudest boat ever. So I really couldn’t log at all, and also there were people like that I didn’t really blog on the boat. So I wrote that. So I went to four different islands where the most amazing ones was that you swam through this really really dark caves at times it would be absolutely pity glass a lot of people say mrs. scary cautious with the middle of the cake then you swim too far over to the edges the rocks are gonna knock you the head once you swim out of the cave you get to the secret beach that you cannot get to anyway that’s winning the last island was my favorite.

Because the water was so blue, and crystal clear it was just absolutely beautiful also featuring the dark friar from the islands post trying to 2018 December that was a fluke yeah Oh come back by we are at the fourth island it’s actually that way just got off the boat is right there it’s like the loudest boat ever since I can’t post on it at all. So I don’t know if this log is going to be really good. But this is so amazing this water. So far, I’m sure right now, and the water is just not even up to my weight, and now I just walk to shore off of the boat if I trip, and fall on the rock one can tell, I’m just worried about my camera going in the water for decisions you hear about look that’s a sea urchin one of the things that got me in Gilly, I’m definitely not stepping there Oh yeah block Oh there are so many cute cats here they’re so fluffy, and just want to pet them all who is this it’s a cool on yeah, I’m k1 thank you yes you guys enjoyed the rest of my time influenza Thailand, and see you soon back in Mali thanks for reading bye.

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