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Hey from Venice it’s my last full day in Venice I leave tomorrow for my next city in Italy. So today I have some things planned it is time with some set destinations. So excited about that when you come early I guess Venice is way more empty this is probably the emptiest you’ll ever see the rialto bridge had the doges palace it is so gorgeous here there’s so many layers to the architecture here these rooms are so grand, and ceilings are so detailed now about to go on a water bus to Iran walking in Murano right now it’s really charming here, and not.

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So touristy, and crowded as Venice you now, I’m gonna go to maybe another island see where we end up just another Island I am now on Burano all of the buildings are so colorful really charming, and cozy. So cute, and beautiful here I love it I don’t know if you can tell in the post. But I found the leaning tower of burano now I don’t know if that’s really what it’s called. But it’s definitely leaning definitely something going on there walking along the Grand Canal right now I love all of these that old canals up even if they’re ones that are more hidden away, I’m going to go up to the top of the tower right now kind of here that was really fun I love Heights as you may know already. So as happens in Venice I saw someone looking completely lost, and kind of whirling around holding a map, and not knowing where to go. So I asked her if she needed directions I like walked with her to find her hotel. So now we’re going out to coffee, and I’ve made a new friend I really like helping people like that even though, I’m pretty bad at directions I like giving people directions, and helping them get unlost.

Because it does happen in Venice a lot I just bought this cape walking around. Because I was really cold, I’m just really enjoying walking around definitely this is one of the most beautiful cities that I have seen yet once you really get underneath all of the touristy kind of parts it’s still a really gorgeous city trying to find my way to the train station laughs as usual my Cape is actually blowing in the wind. So dramatic almost at my train station and, I’m going to end the day here one still in Venice I will see you tomorrow bye.

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