Best Travel Destinations For Young Families

Best Travel Destinations For Young Families

Bus fare is cheap; and, you can rent a bicycle for just over US$1.

Four hours bus ride north of Vientiane is Vang Vieng which is a tourist-oriented town which the internet says “is simply a piece of heaven on earth that has attracted many world travelers for years, especially young backpackers”.

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So, how fortunate it would be to get to see the beautiful mountains, the rivers, limestone cliffs and rice fields, in this small and scenic town?

“Priceless!”, is my remark. The extra experience made possible by being fortunate to stick it in your travels by being a planned or impromptu “car mover”.

Who knows if the Avis rental car agency there in Vientiane might want you to deliver a vehicle in another Laos town or to Vietnam, your planned, return home, departure point? Double the pleasure?

Maybe, if you researched it well; and, registered ahead of arriving in Thailand, you could be fortunate to drive from Bangkok instead; and, also, to drive another vehicle from Vientiane, maybe, to Vietnam.

If your travel plan was to work your way – alone or with a buddy or group – to Vietnam from which to fly back home on your money saving jaw flight, that’s all fine and good; but, with all the walking, bicycling and moving around in the streets and through the various villages, towns and cities to get there, I must advise you to observe the following common sense rules.

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