First Impressions Of Wedding Destination

Hey we just have to invade one for four okay welcome to the keynotes everybody what just picks up our bag, and somebody needs to pick up the cat hello good how are you there’s no direct flight from Australian traffic there are so many why do other Hilty everywhere i like mm oh my goodness if you didn’t hear me before Hey everybody welcome the island of mykonos here in greece yes this is the island that we were getting married dad is so excited to be here on the drive in it was so beautiful it’s just after 7:00 a.m. the lighting is so beautiful at the moment I want to go for a walk around the town. But we just arrived at our hotel we’re saying here for next four days to do some wedding stuff where’s the SIOC Sania, and let’s give you guys a room tour first of all how cool thank who just wants a door opposite is so great this is just outside our room by the way. So it’s great, and this is our building.

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So welcome to our little abode. So this is where we’re going to be chilling for the next week are they giving us some nice wine some Greek wine some fruits as well how cool is this window it is so unbelievably Greek we’re going to wake up in the morning, and look outside this is so nice. So this is our room yes that’s where we’re staying got a little chill area for just to do her makeup some coffee watch a bit of TV I can’t get over this door though seriously, and then here is our bathroom we have a bath with the shower just inside, and they’ve given us some nice amenities Oh some natural homemade soap. But number one thing that sold us to stay here is the grounds, and the area of this hotel we are going to go have some breakfast. But then we’ll take you guys around, and also the location the windmills are just there we are in the heart of Old Town.

So excited to go in for making off. So Steven told you guys before that we were really close to the windmills look at this how incredible is that just gone for a bit of a walk to breakfast how beautiful is this place I think we might have found where we can have some breakfast. So nice oh this island is incredible in the god we’re in great, I’ll believe with ya all the planning I know I write that very true are you planning this for you like it was so we though you know all that stuff you wanted to try, I’m gonna have to talk oh great oh look at the jam you can’t get over everything, I’m so happy I hope you good ideas on for you oh I really like how they set everything out here okay Tess you have picked a good spot the view total Stephens been trying to find this like Greek suite since we’ve got here called I think it’s the plaza, and we founded a breakfast. So you finally for tribe I don’t know what to say hmm again mmm-hmm it’s like cinnamon star anise oil on it is very naughty for breakfast Hotel windmills Old Town good location okay we’ve decided to leave our hotel we’re not going for a bit of an explore still cannot get up to this place. But I can beautiful just look at this little alleyway walking down. But we are hungry that’s the reason we’ve left the hotel the hunger is beating the lack of sleep.

So we’re going to go, and try find some food do you just feel like you’re on the set of Mamma Mia right now to like it doesn’t feel real it doesn’t feel real like what place looks like this you know once is dotted thank you this looks good all these chips in there guys deja vu of Athens I feel like this is what you do Quinn your jet lag aka the equivalent of hungover you just come cat umka Babs we’re just chillin blue door let me just go to church okay Kyra Kyra I don’t notice a tyro thing Peter what’s the verdict.

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