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Civilizations accumulate historical presence with time Turkey emerged after several thousand years what does he talk. I love the olives for breakfast they’ve been doing this for centuries you much like walls constructed with bricks the present is built on the foundations of those who came before you here in the region of Anatolia present-day Turkey the layers of history are deep there are sites with evidence of Neanderthal man, and ruins of the great Roman Empire in the times before Christ the city of Constantinople is here capital of four different empires over centuries, and a center of Christianity.

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This is one of the highlights of here opposed, it’s a gorgeous theater the Roman theater it dates back from second century AD the name amok delay means cotton kept in Turkish the ancient city of aeropolis was built on top of these white travertine terraces travertine occurs where warm spring water degrees, and higher drips for centuries leaving behind calcium carbonate deposits that grow into pools.

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And, stalactite formations these people are famous for handweaving a thin cheesecloth type fabric of soft cotton thread, and fringed edges at the bull Dan clothing cooperative another generation of craftsman spins a traditional loom operated by both hand, and foot they’re weaving for scarves they’re weaving for table cloths mainly, and they do ship these, it’s not only for Turkey they ship it to France Italy especially to the countries that they don’t have such a fine cloth to truly feel the presence of time here when you come to the crossroads of Turkey dive right in you.

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