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Southeast Alaska is one of my favorite places in the planet, it’s very few areas where you can find pristine wilderness the wonderful animals all in one area, and all that’s very close very easy for us to visit we hope our guests take away from visiting this pristine wilderness is the idea that places like this exists, and that animals like this exist, and that we can share them, and they can go back home, and tell folks we’re at the very northern end of the inland passage here in terms of water going out to the Gulf of Alaska the open Pacific Ocean we’re going to see it in just a minute we’re right there the Gulf of Alaska when we get out there, it’s open water and So all the title exchange for the whole northern part of the inland passage every six hours has to come in, and out of this area.

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So because, it’s constricted small area you get tremendous currents, and tides, and we’re going to see a lot of fun of stellar sea lions there for a reason, it’s not just because, it’s a great rock. You’ll see currents, and upwellings all the nutrients are brought to the surface when you get nutrients on a bright sunny southeast alaska day like this lots of solar radiations hit mills nutrients, it’s fueling a rich biological brew, and that’s what everybody’s feeding upon more like one of this guy restaurants Oh been up in this area for several years actually was my first summer up in southeast Alaska and I was drawn to this area to come back almost every season since then, it’s a beautiful part of the world that’s one of the last frontiers as they say our guests are off to a great start the enthusiasm that.

I’m seeing through their comments today as well as from our crew has us all, and great anticipation for a great week ahead of us bored you there you go we spent a fabulous day in Glacier Bay National Park Glacier Bay is justifiably famous for its Tidewater glaciers the kind that dropped huge icebergs into seawater but what’s most impressive about Glacier Bay is where we don’t find glaciers imagine in when Captain Vancouver sailed these waters he encountered a great wall of ice almost all of Glacier Bay was entirely filled with an unimaginable amount of ice, and since that time the glaciers have retreated to expose miles of BAE, it’s the fastest recorded retreat of glacial ice anywhere in history the retreat of the ice also allows us to see. How life returns to land that has recently been exposed succession in the lower Bay the oldest part spruce trees are now being replaced by hemlocks but as we travel up Bay, it’s as if we’re traveling back in time until we find the bare rock of Johns Hopkins inland.

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