Westminster, London’s first Catholic cathedral after Henry VIII espoused Protestantism, was started in 1887; in 1903, money ran out, leaving the interior only partially completed. The blackened brick domes contrast dramatically with the swirling marble of the lower walls and the magnificence of the side chapels. An elevator carries visitors up the striped 90m bell tower. (Cathedral Piazza, off Victoria St. Tube: Victoria. Cathedral open daily 7am-7pm. Suggested donation £2. Bell tower open daily 9am-5pm. £3, students and seniors £1.50.)


E. Robbin RNR, who was a survivor on Patia and was also a witness at the inquiry: During the action I was in the engine room with the second, fourth, sixth and seventh engineers, electrical engineer, donkeyman, storekeeper and greasers. One bomb hit no.3 hold, adjoining the engine room. The shock of the explosion fractured the main steam pipe, the engine room being filled with live steam and all the lights failing. The engine room had to be abandoned immediately. Of the engine room staff, the second engineer was in hospital for more than four months, recovering from burns and shock. The seventh engineer and electrical engineer died in hospital. The fourth engineer’s body was picked up on a Carley float, badly scalded. The donkeyman and storekeeper’s bodies were never recovered.

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