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‘ Modernisation is the new Chinese goal, and one no Harbin Subway Map longer hears Mao’s slogans. I’d not even seen a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book. Harbin Subway Map At 11 p.m. the train reached Xian. The hotel which normally offers student prices was full and they could only offer me a room for 50 yuan (£17), ten times more than I usually paid.

The inquest began. Daniel Holcomb and Judd Crouch were the first to be interrogated. Daniel’s wife, Susan, was completely overwhelmed by the circumstances. On several occasions she was heard saying the awful death of her father and sister followed so quickly by the accusations against her husband and brother were more than she could bear. Adding to her fears was the thought that her testimony might, in some way, contribute to Daniel’s and Judd’s conviction.

On the afternoon of January 2, 1884, the Holcomb family returned after Daniel’s interrogation to find Susan’s bedroom door locked. When they finally got in, they found her lifeless body upon the bed.

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