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Hello my name is Carlos Calvo.

I’m from San Jose Costa Rica. I’m a slave labor for overseas adventure travel on the natural parts, and tropical forest program when I was a little kid.

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I grew up in the countryside of the Central Valley. I was always an outdoor kid. I like to spend time outside and I remember when.

I was little my mother gave me a microscope so I used to go out with my friends, and they study all these little insects, and all these little critters later on when I went to high school.

I decided to become a volunteer for the National Park System of Costa Rica it was. I guess my mother’s idea she told me well you like nature. So much, and you speak English you should be a tour guide and I’ve been doing this for about years around costa rica Costa Rica’s changing a lot, and really quick especially.

Because of globalization during my lifetime. I’ve witnessed the establishment of many different protector areas, and national parks in Costa Rica, and How tourism became number one industry in this little country you cannot know a country without knowing these people this week of people are unique. Because in this country we have no army, and that’s really a part of our ID secrecy the next cells are really peaceful nation listen.

I take a lot of interaction with travelers are with me. I also have a great knowledge about the Costa Rican wildlife. I can also help them a lot with our pictures.

I’m a photographer well of Costa Rica’s really beautiful but in my opinion the most breathtaking locations are the high mountains the weather the scenery the landscape the vacation there is just beautiful yourself and I remember once we ended up at the top of resume okay no around, feet, and weather was. So beautiful we got to see both oceans at the same time, and that’s really hard to get so I look forward to welcome to use to Costa Rica.

So we can have a great adventure together whatever.

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