Diwali India’s Festival of Lights

That’s very much visible, and it’s not physically but it is basically in the environment, and day to day present is time that people are. So busy they are not together but on the volley everybody is together that is a very grand being an Indian. I think you asked for anybody the valley is everything a valley being the festival of light the festival of sweets right from childhood for entire you have been waiting for the valley to come you clean you. How you paint you. How you get new dresses you buy things you buy sweets you are in best of your attire, and for other festival you don’t prepare maybe it is a one day or a two-day affair but but especially on Diwali, it’s all do a different basically it is a three to five days of festival.

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I have my daughter, and wife my wife she is running a Montessori School, and hobby classes my daughter she is in class the volley egg is the full celebration is the celebration of joy. Because we are with a family spending time with my cousins, and all but the part of the valley which. I like is preparing the sweets, and different things to eat do a.

I myself enjoy cooking a lot. I help my mama he me country–i stuff with dry fruits, and my windows early in the morning all of our cousins we have a competition sort of thinking who wakes up first to taste all the things. Because you know the person who make gates of would get everything to eat in Rajasthan in Jaipur when we are offering sweets probably we have something which is a homemade something which we have prepared.

I love Nick but then you are preparing grandma Lee well. I am joining my wife, and my daughter shall give me something I’ll also help you out. So this rangoli is going to take good shape, it’s going to be the shape of a deal yeah since the valley is a festival of night.

So dia is an important part of it as such we see idea which is glowing with oil, and key but here the DI is showing it Alice colors my daughter she is correcting me for lying to change the colour, and wooly as such is a very important part of the valley decoration people are excited, and happy they are showing their excitement by preparing all the colorful moolies decorating their house with different colors ivali basically it is you know celebrated. Because lord rama rama he returned back to io dia his native place after years of Exile, and after defeating rahman. I mean you can see a sign of evil, and when Lord Rama he returned.

I used here. So people of Ayodhya was very happy they welcomed him with firecrackers they welcomed they decorated the houses since then on Diwali years you know nowadays a part, and parcel of every Indian or every Indian Hindu family let me come this side Andres on or rather in Jaipur especially we have Diaz or entire look, and corner of the house abound aligned pushed by lady, and if it is in New Jersey Tula you’re seeking the blessings Diwali is obviously special. Because we are in touch with friends with relatives, and obviously we are together with a family, and we are together we do the puja together everybody all the youngsters they touch the feet of the elders like.

I touched the feet of my grandmother my parents my cha cha cha Chi my younger brother of my children they will touch mine. So, it’s all together very strong bonding which we all feel together gradually actually so. I’m lucky enough with all the friends, and relatives, and family members even here first we love our dinner, and then we will go for firecrackers ticket.

So join us for dinner you can say, it’s a diwali is top of all you.

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