Santorini Map With Counties

Inter-island connections:

Ferries connect Santorini regularly with the following islands: los, Naxos. Paros. Syros. Sikinos, Folegandros, Sifuos. Serifos. Kimolos. Melos. Mykonos, and Herakleio, Crete. For information, call the harbour master at Santorini 22.2-,9. You can also fly to Mykonos. Herakleio and Rhodes. For information. call the 0/1 offices in Athens 966.6666 or at Santorini 22.493.


Accommodation is available in a wide range of hotels, pensions, guest houses. bungalows, furnished apartments and rented houses and rooms. These are divided into five categories ami are to be found in all the large vilhtges on Santorini. There are also two campsites, one at Kamari and the other at Perissa.

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Fora stay in exceptionally pleasant, traditional surroundings, the G’ATO has restored some old houses in Oia and converted them into pensions. No! only do they hare a stupendous view of the caldera. they are also fully equipped for self-catering. For information, call 71.016, 71.234. For more information regarding hotel accommodation, gel in touch with the Hotel Chamber of Greece. 24 Stadion St. tel: 323.6962, telex: 214.269 XEPE GR,fax: 322.5449, postal address XENEPEL.

For on-the-spot reservations, the GNTO has a branch office at Karageorgi Sennas and 2 Stadion St on Syntagma Square in Athens, tel: 323.7193from Monday to Friday, 08.00

The Tourist Police on Santorini will also help you find a place to stay. Getting around on the island There are buses between Fira and Jinerovigli-Vourvoulo-Oia/Messarla-Pyrgos-Akroliri/ Messarla-Pyrgos-Megalohori-Fmborio- Perissa/ Kamari/ Monolithos. There are also a number of taxis and several rent-a-car or rent-a-motorbike agencies. Organised excursions to the most important sites are offered by the island’s travel agencies.

From Skala below Fira caiques depart for Tberasia, Palla and Nea Kam-meni. Therasia can also be reached by caique from Oia.

Where to go for entertainment

There are tavernas serving grilled meal, pizza restaurants, souvlaki shops and cafes offering ouzo and titbits with a stupendous view of the volcano all over the island. In the more frequented places, such as Oia, Perissa, Kamari and Emborio, there discos and bars to complement your nightlife, while at Emborio and Pyigos there are nightclubs with live bouzouki music. Island delicacies worth tasting include fava, pseftokeftedes, chloro, and the famous Santorini wine. Throughout the year there are paniyirht, saints’ days celebrated with abundant food and drink, and folk music played on traditional instruments to accompany dancing. Among the most important of these are;

– The feast of the Prophet Elijah, 20 July, at Fira.

– The feasts of Our Lady, 15 August and the Transfiguration of Our Lord, 6 August, at Akroliri.

– The feast of Our Lady Piskopi’. 75 August, and Our Lady ‘Myrtidiolissa’, 24 September, at Kamari.

– Tlje Purification of the Virgin, 2 February, at Oia.

– St John’s day, 29 August, at Perissa, wbere local fava, olives, wine and bread are offered to all present.


The main spoil that one enjoys on Santorini is of course swimming. Windsurfing equipment can be rented at Kamari. Santorini is also ct wonderful place for hiking. There are so many things to explore on this fascinating island, and walking is the best way to really gel to know a place.


Local products worth buying on the island include the various kinds of Santorini wine – bnisco, bordeaux, vinsanto, nycbteri – tomato paste and sun-dried tomatoes, and split yellow peas. There are also handicrafts, such as handwoven rugs and embroideries, etc. Other good buys are gold jewellery and paintings by Greek and foreign artists, many of whom have taken their inspiration from Santorini’s striking scenery and architecture.


Fira and Oia both have OTE centres, where you can make local and long-distance telephone calls and send telegrams anywhere in the world. OTE Fira, 22.399 OTE Oia 71.242. Open from October -15 June from 07.30-22.00 and from 16 June – 30 September from 07.30-24.00 Closed at weekends. At Fira, Oia and Pyrgos there are post offices. There is a Health Centre at Fira, while rural clinics may be found at Emborio. Oia, Pyrgos and Themsia. Fira has several pharmacies. AH pharmacies are open from Monday to Friday, while there is always one on duly on nights and weekends on a rotating basis.

There are petrol stations and autorepair shops a! Fira. Kamari and Pyigos. Akroliri and Karlerado also have autorepair shops. In Greece, apart from the movable holidays of Clean Monday, Good Friday, Easier, and Easier Monday and Whitmonday, the following official holidays are celebrated.

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