Oh some new faces well no I wanna document this whole trip. So, I’m going to start the post now Saturday morning is for 10:00 in the morning to the 25th of February 2018, I’m in Tokyo Japan it is freezing like scarf weather it’s snowing out right now actually I am one of the few people at the airport this early, I’m about to board a flight to Okinawa, and then, I’m taking a charter plane to this island that is off the coast very very tiny island I planned some food identify some coffee I mean you know me, I’m a zombie without coffee am useless I was saying Japan Japan it says a unique place if you ever had the chance come to Japan come for a long period of time too.

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Because I’ve only ever been here for week-long trips very short trips. Because they’ve all been through the tour, and bored you’re fine domestic in Japan good luck especially if you don’t speak any Japanese. Because its domestic it’s not as English friendly which is actually kind of good to put you out there, and makes you learn some Japanese say it ain’t. So my one option of coffee is closed low that’s how you know it’s early if all the airport restaurants aren’t even open up yet take my money, and give me coffee we need these in New York City could you imagine I think they had them somewhere what are the options.

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So many options look at that dude that was kind of good oh my this is genius this just made my Mourad such a happy guy coffee in hand at flight board in ten minutes let’s go to Okinawa right off the plane, I’m already underwater this is a GoPro post first time in Okinawa just kidding I got to there for a few minutes ago just cuts down I forgot to mention like the reason why, I’m in Okinawa in Japan. So about I think it was six months ago it was August I did a trip with Japanese tour the board, and it sure was more or less to test out a tour that they were going to do for the 2020 Olympic Games. So they have these set towards from Tokyo to different parts of Japan, and my job was to test out the tour to airline suit I didn’t like, and basically give them feedback, and they love the posts.

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So they invited me back, and this time, I’m in the very southern part of Japan explore Okinawa doing some scuba diving, and free diving surfing POW boarding. So yeah as, I’m doing here pumped up let’s get it started a group of people here with it’s very small it’s myself a journalist or a translator, and then a guy from the PR company to plan the whole trip, and then we have a driver. So we’re all in this fan right here kind of going around Okinawa what’s the city nah-ha Naha City we’re pretty far south we’re actually very close to Taiwan, and China is very interesting. Because we’re still in Japan. But most of the culture here in Okinawa comes from China. Because of how close it is to China, and I didn’t know that I just found that out, and apparently they even have their own language sure that’s different from Japanese he learned something new every day we just stopped in from a drug store here. Because other journalists needs to get some contact solution that’s the guys from PR company also just before I start this post series of the Japan trip no one that, I’m with really wants to be on , and that’s totally fine, I’m perfectly okay if you don’t want to be on not everyone wants to have their face on.

But the plan now is to get into the van that grab some food, and then jump on a boat to go to that remote island I was telling you about this is the land before time we are on this island in the middle of the Pacific there’s that blue water mm-hmm welcome to the mommy village just arrived New York City yeah New York City. So far away from home Oh – OH – 2:05 oh yes I must remember I got those yeah home sweet home for the next two days this is my Japanese style in very very minimal Japanese in little TV a little coffee table no bed this time around though I do have my own bathroom shower we made it. So I talked about trekking around the world we are in might know how the world has a little cracks, and corners where people just don’t go, and they’re almost impossible to find this is one of them this is a tiny tiny fishing village on an island in the middle of nowhere, and somehow we’re here right now um here your work here in the bum of the training I have to say.

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Because in the daytime hopefully we get one honey day here this place looks just the way the islands are kind of laid out, and blue water in the white fan you’ll see. So what’s for lunch sushi we get older this is one unknown place for a noodle oh no, I’m so happy to be back in Japan good eat you aah yeah yeah I need to brush up on my Japanese coffee I don’t speak Japanese very well just a little bit yeah please be open you are closed all right no bike no bike it is Oh No maybe he could give me a ride come back come back Oh God I guess we’re walking first thing on the agenda tomorrow well actually, I’m only here for one day. So it doesn’t even really make sense I get a bike. But after Bali, I’m addicted to those scooters they’re so much fun to have on an island I’ve done this a few times in my life it’s worked a few times.

But I figure why not try it’s a pretty far walk please stop please stop do people hitchhike in Japan if you’re from Japan comment below people hitchhike hirokawa said me like I was out of my damn mind I had absolutely no clue there were beaches like this in Japan I’ve never seen that. So many islands such unique shape this is that I there like I wish you were here I wish you could see this all, I’m asking for is one sunny day here that’s it just one sunny day to look at this I was talking to a local, and he was saying that it’s been raining for the past four days, I’m so glad I took this trip. Because there was a point where it almost didn’t take it just. Because it was so far away, I’m only here for four days advice for today’s post always say yes to travel no matter where no matter cannot maybe not no matter where. But most likely say yes to travel going to pack up the gear meet up with the rest of the team, and yeah let’s go get some dinner I did a little jog it’s kind of far from the town to that Beach. But like I was saying I was a little skeptical coming out here just.

Because I didn’t know this existed it’s cool that I can take you along, and a little like a business trip I could call this cool to bring you along. So you can see I guess kind of a little bit of you know how I travel a lot why I travel almost back to the village tomorrow morning if it’s nice, I’m going to go for a nice long run just to properly explore this island it’s not too big like this is that’s it right there that’s the island that was the tour the town, and then the mountains dirt road just more or less alleyways. So rural, and rustic it’s is so crazy this is so different from the Bali trip totally different change of pace from that Bali trip like look like that’s Owens house Shack from the beach this has to be hands-down one of the most remote places I’ve ever been to in my whole life I can’t really think of another place that’s more remote I know there’s a diving industry. So people do come here for tourism. But other than that fishermen divers I guarantee there’s gotta be some surf around here somewhere it’s got to find my hostel where is my big shout-out to the yeah I don’t know what that says like cafe & hostel welcome home hello Japanese cats come on up here firstly in Japan some sake some sushi oh my gosh I had to fit it it gets very very cold here I was not expecting that it is hace frío I forgot I had to make the bed again for the that Oh jackpot jackpot ago the sheets pillows sheets all the good stuff you know tomorrow hopefully we have some good weather hopefully it’s not raining I can’t wait to just see this place fully in the daytime tomorrow going whale reading potentially dive tomorrow lots of stuff plans over the next few days in Japan, I’m so pumped up to be here it’s such a change of pace from Bali in a very good way.

But yeah I will see you tomorrow from Spain. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile borne worry less, and live your passion you.

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