Salzburg Metro Map

Salzburg Metro Map

The tourist office, Seestr. 169, fmds rooms and offers help with the town’s confusing system of street numbers, (a 82 08. Open July-Aug. M-F 9am-5pm, Sa 10am-4pm, Su 10am-2pm; Sept.-June M-Tu and Th-F 9am-noon and 2-5pm, W 9am-noon.) There is an ATM next to the post office. The post office, Seestr. 160, is below the tourist office. (Open M-Tu and Th-F 8am-noon and l:30-5:30pm, W 8am-noon.) Postal Code: A-4830.

ACCOMMODATIONS AND FOOD. To reach Gastehaus Zur Miihle , Kirchenweg 36, from the tourist office, walk uphill, heading for a short tunnel at the upper right corner of the square; it’s right at the end of the tunnel by the waterfall, (a 83 18. Breakfast ‚2.50. Reception 10am-2pm and 4-10pm. Closed Nov. Dorms ‚10.) Friihstiickspension Sarstein , Gosamiihlstr. 83, offers glori ous views as well as a beachside lawn. From the ferry landing, turn right on Seestr. and walk lOmin. (a 82 17. Breakfast included. Showers ‚1 per lOmin. Singles ‚18; doubles ‚36.) To get to Camping Klausner-Holi , Lahnstr. 201, turn right out of the tourist office and follow Seestr. for lOmin. (a832 24. Breakfast ‚4-8. Showers included. Laundry ‚8. Gate closed daily noon-3pm and 10pm-7:30am. Open mid-Apr. to mid-Oct. ‚5.80; tent ‚3.70; car ‚2.90.) The cheapest eats are at the Konsum supermarket across from the bus stop; the butcher’s counter prepares sandwiches on request. (Open M-Tu and Th-F 7:30am-noon and 3-6pm, W and Sa 7:30am-noon.)

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