Best Places In America To Vacation

We almost make it to Billings, a whole hour since the last pit-stop before the family claims we have to hit another rest area.

Not even three in the afternoon and we’ve made it, checked in, and even found a place where boy-wonder can spend time in a pool. So much for him remembering anything about Yellow Stone, we already know what will be on his What I did for summer vacation report and it’ll be three paragraphs about the pool with the slides in Billings, Montana.

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While the boy gets wet (wait – I thought we just got out of the rain?), it gives us an evening to visit and catch up with the fine folks from Texas. A nice breather after the rush we’ve done so far – and we get a recommendation to hit Devils Tower, which I toyed with, but had originally tossed out as too far out of the way.

For once in my life I decided to listen to someone else since they had so many nice things to say about it – that evening we re-planned the travel itinerary to include a detour off into the corner of Wyoming – maybe make up for our measly 174 mile day today.

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