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Hey My name is Sudarshan Acharya morally living in Tiruchirappalli a religious centre from Tamil Nadu India working as a trip leader for overseas adventure travel for the program soul of India as.

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I was born in a religious place with the family background which were very spiritual, and it showed me. How to be interested in archaeology in the tradition in the spirituality to put the things in a simple form to the travelers who comes to South India in India the changes goes on, and on, and on it is a developing country it has been developing rapidly as the whole world has been witnessing modernization cannot be accepted always.

But it plays an important role for the travelers to understand the affection, and the reality of what India is each has its own unique future Madeline you feel the vibration once you get into the temple that saying the mother goddess has got very high value which each one has to feel in tamilnadu we have a grand circle foundation site visit which is an orphanage whenever we go to this site the travelers they become. So emotional. Because of the children, and the senior citizen who comes shows their affection smiling all the time, and by this way both of them the travelers the understands India, and the personal connection that comes across which is really unique.

I welcome you to see the soul of India which is full of color contrast, and of course which is very important the emotions you.

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