Road Trip Things to do in The Faroe Islands

Welcome to the Faroe Islands! In this post post I will show you these islands via hiking, on the water we will see puffins, we’ll visit a music festival and we will see the islands from above from a helicopter! Are you ready? Then put your wind and rain jackets on and we’re ready to go. The Faroe Islands are an archipelago consisting of major islands between the Norwegian Sea, and the North Atlantic. about halfway between Norway and Iceland. They are an autonomous self-governing country, within the Kingdom of Denmark. The islands are rugged and rocky, with some low peaks, small lakes, rivers and waterfalls. The coasts are mostly cliffs, altogether making it a true paradise for landscape photographers and outdoor lovers. For this road trip adventure I got invited by Visit Faroe Islands, together with fellow travel blogger Amanda Williams, to experience the diverse islands on our own terms. Starting of course with a hike. I just arrived in the Faroe Islands and it’s about time to go on the first hike. Right after arrival! What are we going to do? We’re going to the top of Trælanípa which means the slaves peak. Oh okay.

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So let’s do that. Now we’re in the capital, and here we are staying like locals. Staying in a little brown house. Chocolate! Oh, beer too. To get to know the Faroese culture of course we also need to eat typical Faroes, for this we’re here in the beautiful home of Anna and Oli who will now serve us some traditional Faroese food. and of course drinks so we start it in a Faroese way by having a welcome schnapps. Oli just said, when we are having the welcome schnapps, we share the same glass and I should drink as much as I want, I’m not sure if that is a good idea. Hmmthat’s enough I think. Okay. It’s summer on the Faroe Islands, and we’re about to go kayaking. With Hans. Who’s preparing our stuff right now. We got some dry suits and then we’re off. We’re obviously having a lot of fun like along this coast here, especially because we don’t have strong winds and currents. It’s very relaxing to slide along the coast, and see this rocks here, and the landscape around little villages over there. So we stopped in the North of the main island, at the place called Tjørnuvík and from here we can see the two trolls over there. We arrived at Gjógv, it it’s now time to eat something and look at the view they see to have their own table mountain view here. Pretty. If you have seen one image of the Faroe Islands, then it’s probably this waterfall here, It’s called the Mulafossur.

It’s better known for the village which is up there, which is called Gásadalur. So this is a very very picturesque spot. Very close to the airport actually, so it’s like one of those things you can do first when you arrive. We are on the boat because we want to see Puffins today. We’re going to Mykines starting from Sørvágur, and the weather looks promising so far. This is Mykines it’s only people who live here all year round and we will be starting our tour now, we’re going up there on the edge walking along the edge this is where you see the Puffins. So let’s say hi Here you can actually see where these puffins live This little Puffin hole here. So after a bit of walking we got closer to the famous light house I arrived at the other side of the island at the lighthouse and from here you have an incredible view over Mykines Good morning it’s the first time that I experienced the true Faroese weather. And I’m here was a true legend Pol, and we’re going hiking today. What are we doing? Yeah now we are staying in Vi?arei?i and now we going to Cape Enniberg It’s a nice morning activity, and we don’t mind the rain we will stay warm. So just that you know who Pol actually is, he is a true legend here in the Faroe Islands he has climbed all mountains in this country So what was he longest streak? My longest streak was in Suduroy one year ago that was km in hours, over height metres. Wow! and we are just only taking on like a little bit more than meters today. So that should be easily doable for you, right? Yeah, that’s right.

So, we continue to Enniberg and the clouds cleared. Oh funny side story, when we arrived here at this mountain, we found two people here who were actually waiting for their friends to climb up because they’re recording a movie and they are now coming up. It’s people who climbed the cliff here which is one of the highest in Europe. Summertime, festival time! Also in the Faroe Islands and especially in the town of Göta, where I’m about to witness the th edition of the G! Festival. The special thing about this festival is not only its unique location by the beach with sauna and hot tubs. It’s especially its coziness, and more than that, the fact that musicians and guests like me gets the chance to stay with locals, for the entire time of the festival. As we are on Faroe islands of course our host also have sheep. they are over here. So before we hike up that mountain, now, first we need to say hi to the sheep. As I’m staying here with Hallur and he’s working in the fish factory they do this dried fish. Of course I also need to try it. Okay. It’s good. Yeah salty and fishy. Yeah. So this is the G! Festival ground but before we hit that later on today we got invited to go sailing with our hosts because they have a boat and they said “hey do you want to see it from the water?” and we are like “ok, totally!”. You know there is one thing the Faroe Islands are really famous for and this is fishing & salmon farming. So we’re right next to the salmon farm here. Food adventures are continuing. We’ll have salmon here first, super tasty and then these here is special fermented fermented meat it’s a strong smell it’s time to try it, fermented meat. you know what, put a little pepper on You know you are on the festival in the Faroe Islands, when you have hot tubs right by the beach and people are going straight into the cold water here and right next to that is the stage. Isn’t that cool? You can just sit in a hot tub over there and watch the artists. Seeing the Faroe Islands from the ground is pretty nice but it’s even nicer when you get up into the air. So I’m now taking a helicopter flight. And that’s it from the Faroe Islands. If you want to visit these beautiful islands as well make sure to check out my related travel guide and as always if you like this post, comment, share with your friends and don’t forget to comment to this blog for new travel posts every Thursday. See you soon.

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