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A small village in the Anantapur district of andhra pradesh india lapaki is a place of cultural religious, and archaeological significance legend gives the town a significant place in la Mayan when Robin abducted mother Sita, and was on his way to Lanka he bumped into jet are you a demigod in vulture form who tried his best to protect Mata Sita, and fought Robin however he got injured, and fell on the ground when Lord Ram, and his brother Lakshman met the time Jada you RAM helped Jada you attained moksha by uttering words leh Bakshi which means rice bird hence the name Lee Bakshi le parc she is located 15 kilometers from hindu bull, and approximately 140 kilometers from bangalore the main attractions of the park she is a veerbhadra temple constructed over at or toys shaped low rising Hill referred in inscriptions as good Shilla the main attractions of the temple are a huge monolithic Mundi Veerabhadra temple not demented hanging pillar five shillings a huge Naga link being one of the biggest, and the most prominent one an incomplete kalyanam enter another month of the 36 columns blood stains on the wall Sita Mata footprint, and a narrow hall for pilgrims each feature being unique has a different story to tell, and true to its name.

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But before we get into the details of each I have a little request please comment the blog by hitting on the red comment button bar to get notified of a future post uploads, and thanks a lot for subscribing now let’s get into the details the first structure you will encounter just 200 meters before the temple complex is India’s biggest monolithic Nandi featuring a perfectly proportioned body atoned with finally caught ornaments bells, and smooth contours it’s 15 feet height, and 27 feet wide, and is positioned such that it faces the huge Naga link of the vapor 3 temple the temple is dedicated to Lord VI Pedra the fury God created by Shiv in his rage after the darkness, and ammunition of sati the veerbhadra temple is claimed to have been constructed by saint Agastya, and according to Skanda Purana the temple is one of the important pilgrimage site to Lord Shiv the temple was later developed into the present shrine during vision agora period by treasurer Veerappan Anaya, and his Gaddafi Rana using the straight Treasury during the reign of King Achutha Raya the civilian aggress tile architecture the temple has shrines dedicated to other gods also out of the total five siblings three shillings are inside the main temple itself namely the Parvin Ashish were ramalinga schwer, and Hanuman Lingam the temple also has shrines of Lord Ganpati ma Parvathi ma Patrick Ali madruga, and the shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu beautiful mural paintings of arthanari sure depicting half Shiv, and half Parvati, and hurry her depicting half Shiv.

And half Vishnu can be found over the ceilings the temple also has Spillers with life-sized carvings of the perfect man vast the purush, and perfect women Padmini right in front of the main temple is a grand not demon tub or the dancing Hall, and consists of 70 carved pillars of which 12 pillars situated at the center for the dancing Hall the naughty Munter has a beautiful card ceiling comprising off 100 petaled Lotus carved out of 12 stones also called as shut the path through camel the pillars carry beautiful carvings of dancing peeing rumba, and the audience reading her dance the audience include Lord Shiv pinging the dance with a smile, and ma Parvati reading it Lord Surya holding musical instrument flute thumb bara holding Tambora Rita shuara holding harmonium Nandi shuara holding drum Pancham Okayama holding drum Chandra holding Tambora, and Natraj on one of the pillars is a sculpture of the dancing guru bring eshwara having three legs, and eyes, and teeth of a horse with plaited hair dancing with rambha there is a car thing that depicts the story of pig shot ena in which Lord Shiv disguised as a beggar appears to test Goddess Parvati his devotion one of the many attractions of Lepofsky temple is 8 feet tall astonishing pillar to the northeast corner of the naughtyman tub called the hanging pillar also known as the moose thump or anti riches thump just a small portion of the pillar is in contact with the ground while the rest is about half an inch above the ground thus hanging pillar amazed with the architecture a Britisher named Hamilton tried to investigate it.

And pushed an iron rod underneath the pillar that resulted in slight displacement of the pillar which further displaced all the other pillars by a short distance fearing the temple might collapse no further investigation was carried out where she had not done that without having any idea of architecture the ceilings of the temple are decorated with murals depicting mythological stories from Putin’s Mahabharata, and Ramayana, and are in evidence of the amazing artwork of the Vijayanagara period within the temple boundaries to its eastern side there is a huge boulder of granite stone which has carving of seven-headed serpent coiled in three layers providing an umbrella cover over a ship link seated at the center it’s the fourth Shivling in the complex this largest Naga linked in India has a story behind its construction one day when the sculptures came to the kitchen for lunch the mother of the manes culture told them that it would take some more time to prepare the lunch not willing to waste any time the skutters decided to sculpt on the huge boulder at the front of the kitchen, and the result was this huge seven-headed serpent after preparing the food when the mother walked out of the kitchen she was shocked to discover that the amazing structure was made in such a little time span she cast her eyes on the sculpture, and the effect was so immense that it cracked the structure at three places adjacent to the carving on the dock can be seen carvings of a spiders snake, and an elephant worshiping the Shiv link next to the carvings is a huge Idol of Lord Ganesh cut on the rock, and is about six feet tall the devotees need to visit this place first to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesh before worshipping Lord their betrayal backside of the nagas link is an incomplete kalyanam on top which has a unique story attributed to its incompleteness Veerappan Anaya.

Who was a treasurer in charge of the kingdom was falsely accused by ministers for crimes not committed by him the king believing them to be true ordered to pluck off the rope arena’s eyes will open ah who was a loyal minister was shattered, and himself plucked off his eyes, and offered them to his king the bloodstains on one of the walls is presumed to be linked to the story the false accusations against him of not having taken permission from the King for building the Kalyan Mun tub, and spending the money unnecessarily following the tragic incident led to the incompleteness optical alignment up the Kalyan mentor was being built for the celebration of the marriage of Lord Shiva, and Goddess Parvati, and the entrance are carvings of ten Rishi’s to welcome the guests the ones with crowns on the head are Raja Rishi’s while the others without Abram marry she’s inside the Kalyan Munter the pillars are arranged in the form of a circle depicting Lord guests who attended the marriage they are shown with the respective vehicles which are animals, and birds a beautiful carving of Lord Sadashiv with five heads, and ten hands welcoming the guests can be seen there there are carvings of he marbeth performing Konya dawn, and shift poverty holding hands located next to the Kalyan Mun tab is the LA command up the hall of creepers it has total 36 columns carved with a unique creeper design, and the designs have been used in making the borders of saris till date a little further down can be seen huge plates carved on the floor, and it’s believed to be used by the sculptors for having their food Seeta Haji or the impression of Sita Martha’s right foot can be found from which water springs up from an unknown source, and a little amount of water is always present there the fifth, and last ship link the tandoori shuara is situated behind the Mun tub, and there is a long narrow hall for pilgrims visiting from distant places during Mahashivratri the temple gets very crowded since the large number of devotees visit this temple to seek the blessings of Lord veerbhadra puja in heaven is performed throughout the day, and for a moment the environment will make you feel to have achieved in Arana a trip to a park she is refreshing for those who like heritage sites, and are looking for a spiritual retreat the amazing vagina grow style architecture, and the mural paintings believe you are stuck the climate is hot for most of the year, and early mornings or evenings are the best time to visit guides are available to take you for a guided tour around the temple for accommodation Harika hotel is the best place to stay at located right next to the monolithic Mundi statue you can enjoy decent food at the hotel restaurant I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and found the review useful give this post a big thumbs up, and share it with your friends on social media do comment the blog for our future post uploads, and thanks for reading you.

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