Laura Giannola Greece Tour Guide

Hi I’m Laura.

I come from an island myself. I come from the northern part of Greece from the island of Corfu and I’m a program director for Grand Circle cruise lines for the past years now. I want to.

So the visitors of my country the unsane squeeze the authentic Reese then you have to place this marble let’s start you on the carrot you had to take it down these footpaths, and lo. I love history. I love places of natural beauty what.

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I like best is creating new friendships, and with the best of feelings. Because traveling is part of feeling, and knowing they will come on light these shrines, and you get strength from st. Mathias driving past village with the bus we stop the bus we enter the GUI town, and we went into the old Olive Press, and what the people experienced was the locals, and loading the sacks with the olives, and putting them into the Olive Press in order to produce the olive oil the personal contact.

This is what matters most we talk every night at the different iron we dock at the port they can have time to enjoy the taste the atmosphere of the places on their own, and then see, and discover the real three. I would like to welcome you degrees. I would like you to experience please not only please history not only to it morning people please come, and join us.

You’ll have an unforgettable time you.

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