Visiting The Gili Islands

I Got Hurt Visiting the Gili Islands

Hey guys today we are going to gili islands thanks Laville driving now to the day where we’re going to catch our ferry, and much stuff to get on the camera.

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Because all why you talking to cold no reason why you coming on hos cotton to gili we have the roughest craziest bull ride that I have ever been on I have to stop eating or going on yeah eating on that trip would not have been a good idea I know something was ignited when you left I want to go all our water doors get to tell you is to wasted or to stop the whole yadi direction you’ll get the best. But are you with me with a ring I mean like when you guys from gili islands no motorized vehicles are allowed no cars no scooters nothing just horses or bicycles sitting on the beach it is gorgeous eating some more Oreos yes tell me. But you tell me if I was out swimming for maybe ten minutes, and I felt my foot strike something really really painful, and stinging, and then Mike would just start going numb. So yeah really hurt. So I think we’re going to go to the doctor. But then though if I can walk on it what happened to be here really hard it’s just like constant like in some only oh if you want there to man it’s gone. But this is pasta sitting right on it.

But they had occasion got out of the doctor that was when they’re giving you a shot or just hitting you once or something at the doctor’s office, and it hurts for a second men’s over. But this was like ten minutes hopefully, I’ll be able to walk later on in the day it’s raining here in Guinea island all the time there’s been so much rain that we did come on I really want to explore the town even though my foot still kinds of hurt I really want to go to explore with something. But it’s training with me apartment, I’m just coming like a bloody spending a lot of ammo tuna don’t you any wizard this is insane we’re trying to swap back off, and it’s just like every three is basically a little river trash, and straight stuff is not something that you really want to walk through.

But we kind of have no choice it tell me are you tell me you a third day in Gilley, and to this last game. But we haven’t gotten to do like really any of the things we were planning to do here he’s just been raining, and then the whole thing with my foot yesterday trying to get in a little bit of exploring now before we have to take our boat back to Bali oh my if you find a reason to spend ride away don’t you know if you’ll give me a winner soon I can beat you talking to me this is an interesting place I’ve never been in place before where they don’t have cars.

So without is really interesting kind of interesting in a different way is that here is they are kind of known as a party island, and they have a lot of drugs going around, and like it’s very just out in the open which is something that I’ve never seen before even at restaurants they’ll be offering to sell you drugs, and sometimes on the signs outside restaurants there will be advertisements for drugs that you can get in the restaurant. So good thing if you’re coming to the Gili Islands I would recommend that you do not go in rainy season like we are right now, and sad that we can get to give me other islands around here they’re supposed to be not.

So party up here which, I’ll probably like more waiting on the beach now receiving gili islands cook that volley we see why everyone was injured getting back, and we’re a month up now you are, I’m yeah well I would left the online friend here then we met up with, and they got injured in total three times we showed them then it was the only one different I actually a little bit a lot is what, I’m paying for it forgotten is the knowledge to what the pain for me more I need direction you can do is see you back in Bali again, and coming up also here to Thailand see you there thanks for reading bye you know.

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