Flying to Borneo Kuching

Before we catching our flight we’ve decided to come, and check out the city there’s a little popular Lane that we’re just going to go a little walk through apparently this was a very rich city back in the day, and where all the mistresses work at that’s the street walking down well the street is actually really cool-looking a look like a really awesome sign of thing one man’s abandoned warehouse turns into a haven for a bunch of hipster cafes, I’ll Drive, and literally just double parked that we’d go see those through little lanes this is in the airport one more stop I feel like just postging, and trying to get content, I’ll see you guys it makes us go do more things too we if we weren’t blogging I feel like we’ve just gone straight to the airport sat down, and had a coffee.

Flying to Borneo Kuching Photo Gallery

But instead we’ve gone, and seen a bit of Depot. So we’ve come to these amazing caves, and apparently there is a temple inside there similar to the bus route a is the literally like 15 minutes of the air force all righty guys that is our very very quick tour of Evo always last year learning plan the quarters for six months beautiful place Malaysia, I’ll totally come back here to explore if we had some more time okay one more time just kidding with the airport now just come to a subway at the airport, and we found out that our sliders in delayed currently to flop, and our next flight is until eight o’clock at night he was currently looking to see if there’s like the cheap clothes hotel that we could go until accident really doing to like hang in there for three four five six seven eight six hours we’ve done it before yeah come, and head on someone’s subway, and I’ve never seen it before of the people have reserved seating in subway how weird is that should remember like a birthday party or something. So we good okay guys we’ve decided to stay at the airport which means, I’m on coffee juice hopefully I can find something good I think there might be a Starbucks here which, I’m not a huge fan of Starbucks anymore jet a lot of their mockers. But I feel like if you’re adding chocolate to coffee anything Zima tastes good sorry Jess that’s five six hours you have to be here, and hopefully I can find some ot coffee I don’t care how good your coffee is, I’m not getting from you I was going to go here.

But they said that we only take cash overpriced our bus it is six hours later, and we officially leaving subway the people that work here must hate us this isn’t one foot long, and that was it, I’m currently having a chopper chop when was the last time you go for the chop chop this is my go to play when I was little, and a restore of the old my gosh this is my childhood it is chocolate, and banana flavors I know it goes down the back when I pack it up jump on a plane, and heading to Kuching in Borneo we arrived here at two currently 7:30, and we’re boarding online us finally guys comment below what is your longest layover you’ve ever had I think hours one time I was like like 13 hour layover a sunny overnight in New Zealand we’ve decided to supply 30s will remember yeah we took it in turns sleeping I think we were really broke your really broken from the port hotel anyway today was only what to be in max 3 4 5 6 7 5 3 4 5 6 s one.5 or not that was another it just felt like this long anyway we’re finally parted, and for those 15 an hour, and a half flight as well we always say guys the best way to get your plane is my welcome, and I love how in Asia they let you just walk out on like the kana, and there’s our plane, and guys with like AirAsia, and this is the first time ever we get to sit next to totally watch the block early, and they’re like we need to get even a jets on the same seat they’ve never let us sit together I can’t believe it anyway guys William Borneo hey guys it is currently 6:30 in the morning we’ve woken up after a long day of traveling yesterday and, I’m yet to be getting to breakfast wake myself up, and get ready to go all right we’re off to the first village to the bidet ulong house this is one of the bridges they would use probably to cross water, and off the grass. But it was fun nonetheless there you go on there Jeff just you can fall in the water, I’m actually, I’m struggling a bit look there’s a bit of water welcome to the Sirocco.

So welcome to the sarawak cultural village is probably the most popular thing most touristy thing to do here in Kuching they have set up different villages to imitate the local Malaysian people who actually come here to learn about the different cultures. Because to be honest if you don’t know too much about the Malaysian culture we don’t really learn about it back in school here. So you come for the tourist attraction, and you stay for these jaw-dropping views to found our first traditional house hopefully they’ve got aircon back in the day this really reminds me of the cultural village experience we did back in South Africa, and went, and learned about the tribe people there similar sort of vibe except for way more lush, and green here people probably pay a lot to like loose you know, I’m like a holiday, and stay in a place this is how they normally live yeah looks like a bungalow hello. So they’re all handmade Hey wow that’s amazing I had first. Because you’re Australian everyone here everyone knows, and servants, and nothing would happen to the country. But there’s a plastic alternative to like make it fun the kids, and all family they give us like a passport to go to all the different villages yeah Rudess customs officer ever you’re going to try to blow pipe flowing wait hunting ready one through oh oh my god good I have to go show my yeah will it be under t Oh close close can I try the last one I close one eye, and then like a aim yeah oh I need to show where got mine hey at least I get the board no I must have all my senses oh very good day yeah pricing Lee its clue with quite a lot of force he wouldn’t think. So I could see why it was like tipped with poison it could take something down there we go jump yeah.

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