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Muhammad was the founder of the religion called Islam. Born in about 570, he preached in Mecca and Medina. They became Islam’s most important cities. Muhammad died in 632.

Saudi Arabia Today

Many different people have ruled Saudi Arabia since 1902. There has been lots of fighting for control of the land and its oil. The fighting limited the country’s progress in many ways.

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Crown Prince Faisal became king in 1964. Many things improved during his rule. More people were allowed to get an education. People were given more freedom to choose things such as what kind of music to listen to.

In 1982, King Fahd became the ruler of the country. He made the Saudi government more modern in 1992. Saudi Arabia is still a monarchy, which means the king has power over the people. Crown Prince Abdullah took over in 2005.

Saudi Arabia has been friendly with the United States. In 1991, U.S. troops were allowed to set up operations in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. The United States helped defend Saudi Arabia against attacks from Iraq. In 2003, Saudi Arabia quietly supported the war with Iraq.

King Abdullah speaks at a meeting of the League of Arab States in 2007. The organization’s seal is behind him.

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