Jump to the FRONT of the TSA Security Line with CLEAR

Welcome to this week’s We Hear by Travel Savvy TV. Today I’m talking to you about how you can fly through security the next time you head out to the airport for a flight or to a stadium for a sporting event.

Jump to the FRONT of the TSA Security Line with CLEAR Photo Gallery

We’ve spoken in the past about the benefits of signing up for a TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, which both save you precious time and trouble at airport security lines. In my past post which you can see here, you can learn about how pre-check and Global Entry differ and which one we prefer. In this post, let’s talk about CLEAR, the identification platform which utilizes biometric technology such as your fingerprint, face, or iris scan, paired with their patented enrollment process. As a CLEAR member you won’t need any of your IDs or any passwords.

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Just show up at the airport kiosk, scan your credentials, and the CLEAR ambassador will usher you right to the head of the TSA line. Right now CLEAR is used at 24 select US airports, in cities including Atlanta, New York, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, DC, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. All 24 airports are shown here on this ma.

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I’ll list them below the post too. The company is looking to create frictionless curb to gate experiences including baggage check, lounge access, security checkpoints, and boarding. A majority of CLEAR members are also PreCheck members, so they get the best of both worlds in terms of time savings and ease of airport boarding.

Nearly 2 million people are currently enrolled in CLEAR. Members also have the added benefit of being able to breeze through security checkpoints at 7 stadiums including Yankee Stadium in Citi Field in New York, Coors Field in Denver, Marlins Park in American Airlines Arena in Miami, AT&T Park in San Francisco, and Comerica Park in Detroit.

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By using your CLEAR credentials, you’ll bypass a never-ending security line and be inside the park to enjoy the game and everything else these parks have to offer. So the bottom line is, if you travel through one of the 24 airports where CLEAR is used, it’s worth the 15 dollars per months to add their membership to your existing TSA PreCheck or Global Entry designations because it does save you more time.

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And you can sign up and use your membership on the same day right at the kiosk. Stadium membership is an added benefit. If you’re not a frequent flyer but you do love going to one of the seven stadiums for sports games or concerts, you can still sign up for CLEAR membership for free. That’s it for this week’s We Hear. Leave a comment below, smash that like button, and hit the bell for notifications. Travel Savvy and see you next time!.

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