Develop Personal & Professional Skills at an Adventure Camp in Kolad!

Do you seek the thrill of adventures and other outdoor activities?

If yes, then thrilling and adventurous camps in Kolad prove to be the best place for you.

Develop Personal & Professional Skills at an Adventure Camp in Kolad! Photo Gallery

Described as mid-segment adventure camps, they provide the much-needed break from the monotony of daily life. Especially, for people working in the corporate sector, these camps are a welcome way to have fun while learning something in the process.

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Located in a village called Kolad, about 117 km away from Mumbai, these camps give campers the best of what nature has to offer. The village’s proximity to river Kundalika and the surrounding wilderness makes it the perfect spot for all kinds of adventure sports like rafting, rock climbing, rappelling etc.

What is an adventure camp?

The main aim of adventure camping is to propagate experiential learning. It operates on the principle of learning directly from nature itself. The camps offer a plethora of activities especially designed to help campers develop important life skills. People can feel connected to nature and learn the skills of leadership, teamwork, risk management and how to handle failure, at the same time.
Even though adventure camps are not designed to target a specific group of people; they are most popular amongst people working in the corporate sector. Since working as a team is essential for any office, such camps act as an exercise to practice teamwork.

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For example, the Empower Camp Kolad located on 50 acres of land, surrounded by hills, waterfalls and deciduous forests proves absolutely thrilling. This camp provides an army-type obstacle course for the campers where they have to undertake activities like an obstacle course, horse riding, and rock climbing, and swimming in rivers, parasailing and rappelling. Apart from these outdoor activities, there is yoga, meditation, motivational speaking, team building and personality enrichment to help you grow as a person.
So this entire experience is bound to be beneficial for both your personal and professional development.

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How does an adventure camp facilitate your business?
Organizing such a camp for your employees can also be advantageous for your business. Since these camps instill many life skills in people, they can help to improve work ethics and the general environment of any workplace.
Big companies often make attending adventure camps compulsory as a part of employee training. The group bonding and overall quality time outside the office environment help to hone the spirit of teamwork within people.

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Also, activities like river rafting; rock climbing etc. requires you to put a lot of trust in the other people of your group. That is why these activities act as trust exercises that help to imbibe a sense of kinship among people. As a result, the environment of your office undergoes upliftment by a great deal!

Why is opting for Adventure camps a good idea?
An adventure camp in Kolad becomes a big highlight for its beautiful location. Also, the way they set up the camps allows you to feel the serenity of being close to nature, and at the same time gives you the fuel to work hard. So if you want to have a good time while learning something, this is the place for you!

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