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Hey guys today this post is going to be about my trip to Egypt I have actually wanted to go to Egypt for probably 20 years I have been studying Egyptology, and I know that I want to travel to a lot of places, and I I know that I do say a lot of places are on my bucket list. But I think Egypt is just kind of beyond that Egypt is just something different, and I am so so excited to explore this gorgeous country I will be in Egypt for an entire month. So be expecting a ton of Egypt posts from me, and if there’s anything that you want to see just let me know in the comments below hope that you guys enjoy the posts journey is beginning I’ve just left Livio is kindly carrying my backpack for me to the metro station, and then we are going to say bye, I’m nervous, I’m I don’t think I’ve ever been nervous for a trip before, and I am well I am in the first airport of my trip in the lovely Shenzhen Airport my first flight leaves for Kuala Lumpur at 3:00 a.m. it’s like midnight right now. So there is pretty much nobody in this whole Airport if you like this is going to be a challenge doing this trip by myself is not going to be the easiest trip I’ve ever done I am excited about the trip and, I’m ready to go I have so much traveling to do though I have. So many air force to go through. So many lay overs. But yeah it’s all just going to be part of the adventure getting to Egypt at the end of about two days, and travel thank you for choosing aeration, and have a better day second Airport I am currently in the Kuala Lumpur Airport that flight here not only was it delayed. But it was probably one of the scariest flights that I’ve ever been on I have been on hundreds of flights, and I have never been on one like that the plane just didn’t feel right even when they were backing it up when they were on the runway I was getting really scared not scared by turbulence.

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But just for some reason this plane just did not feel right now I have a nine inch eight or nine ish hour flight Jeddah Saudi Arabia. But I had to change into kinda more loose clothing there’s really specific news about flying the airline for especially female travelers, and especially female travelers that are traveling alone actually when I get into Saudi Arabia, I’m not allowed into the airport. Because, I’m by myself without the husband. So I don’t know if, I’ll be able to post there at all about to get on my flight to Saudi Arabia, and from there it’ll be another flight to Cairo and, I’ll be getting in there late tonight, I’m sure, I’ll be very tired, I’m already. So tired. But yeah there is where I came from in Shenzhen China, and then I went to your Kuala Lumpur there, and then now it’s lying almost to Jeddah Saudi Arabia we’ve just flown over Hamad upon travelling. So paronella discipline my friend.

So we are in the generator for right now as you can see we do not have our heads covered they are fine most of the women here do have their you have their heads covered. But it’s fine here. So when I was researching flying into this Airport I have heard all sorts of rumors. But I heard that if you’re a single woman traveling alone without your president then you are not allowed in therefore by yourself you have to be escorted off the plane into this special zone yeah that’s what they said online sometimes the internet is gonna lie to you guys. Because there’s no we’re alone we are fine it’s just like a normal Airport. So Hey guys it is my first morning here in Egypt, and I have just woken up, and stepped out onto my balcony with my hotel, and oh my gosh I have to show you just come up to the roof of my hotel I’ve just been dreaming of seeing these for. So long I should tell you guys about this crazy thing that happened last night I was so tired from getting in from all my flights, and everything, and just exhausted. So long story short I ended up leaving my expensive camera, and equipment in the back of my cab when I realized this I thought for sure that my camera, and all of my stuff for posting for making posts for you guys was just gone right when I get to eat you. But it turned out that the cab driver actually came back to my hotel, and he gave me my camera, and my stuff, and when I tried to give him a reward, and say thank you so much he just walked away, and he didn’t want any reward money he just said welcome to Egypt, and oh my gosh.

So thank you cab driver guy, and that was just amazing, and just a great kind of welcome to Egypt for my first day in Egypt I don’t think that, I’m going to do any big activities for now, I’m just gonna go out, and explore in Giza, and just kind of see the sights, and take everything in and, I’m really excited I think, I’m just gonna have a pretty relaxing day I am so exhausted after everything that happened yesterday. So just gonna go, and walk around ease it a little bit. So guys I am so looking forward to being here for the entire month just having a lot of time in this beautiful country I just love the idea of going somewhere for myself, and traveling, and kind of figuring things out for myself about what a place is like. Because when I was researching coming to Egypt alone especially as a solo female traveler I was getting just. So many mixed reports of good, and bad, and I just didn’t really know exactly what to believe, and now, I’m here, and I can actually see for myself just like was flying into Saudi Arabia how people said all these crazy stories about how you’re not even allowed inside the airport, and I just found them to be completely untrue. Because I was in the airport, and it was just a normal Airport. So yeah it just things that are misrepresented here people think it is unsafe that I know, I’m I know that right now this post is about me kind of first getting the Egypt. But actually recording right now this second I’ve been here for ten days, and I feel. So safe I feel.

So comfortable I feel. So free. So yeah just, I’m just. So looking forward to showing you guys the real Egypt, and the Egypt that I was seeing and, I’m here I am just in love with this place, and I don’t think I’ve been. So excited about life, and posting, and showing you guys the place in maybe ever. So yeah just really good things coming up, and I can’t wait to show guys thank you so much for reading, and see you again soon in Egypt.

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