Free Travels

Free Travels

A blogger asks the question, “So what if you don’t have any dollars or days saved up for a vacation?”

He then went on to say, “Savvy travelers know there are many ways to travel for free or even get paid to travel…”

I expressly used those quotes to underline the point I wanted to make about deciding to “travel for free”; and, this is that first timers and novices should think twice before jumping in with any experience whatsoever.

I don’t recommend it at all for any of you who buy this my blog; or, for your family members, relatives, friends, co-workers or anyone you might know or recommend to buy this my blog.

The experienced blogger aptly used the term “savvy travelers.”

The internet defines “savvy” as someone who is “shrewd and knowledgeable about the realities of life”; and, “shrewd” as someone “having or showing sharp powers of judgment; astute”; but, we can get a better picture of a person deemed to be shrewd by carefully looking at the following synonyms given with the definition – “astute, sharp-witted, sharp, acute, intelligent, clever, alert, canny, perceptive, perspicacious, observant, discriminating, sagacious, sage, wise, far-seeing, far-sighted”.

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Indeed, a person deciding to travel to any place without having or using money saved up to pay along the way must be brave and courageous; well prepared and reliant on certain specific skills; and, very perceptive and clever. Nothing at all should miss such a person. They will have to live by their wits while travelling.

While making such a decision to travel for free definitely seems unwise to the majority of us, we must admit that there is an art or science to it; and, this art has to be refined and perfected over a period of time; and, that wisdom, good judgment, alertness, great perception are all necessary and important ingredients.

So, I can see a veteran “cheap” or “budget” traveler deciding to dare to become a “free” traveler; perhaps, setting out on a bicycle with only the clothes on his or her back; and, a backpack containing a light tent, sleeping bag and other necessities such as a bar of soap and a tooth brush.

Because I don’t recommend it, I will leave it here; but, you can always go to the chapter with the links; or, Google or YouTube it.

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