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Wine Tasting Bike Tour Departing Vienna

This post is a great day. I’m going on a wine tasting bike tour. It does not get any better than that, let’s go. Am I really riding along the beautiful, blue Danube, searching out the best wine? Yes, I am. Life is good. Alright, stop number one. Time for a little wine, let’s do this. When you swirl it, the liquid goes up higher in the glass, right I was just told that you swirl it, and it releases the aroma. And actually, you taste the wine with your nose. It smells like party time. This has been really awesome. We have rode our bikes all along a beautiful path.

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We tasted some really good wines. And met with some really awesome people. We just entered a tiny little village and it is beautiful. Cobblestone streets, tight little alleyways. Cute shops, this is Europe. This tour is not all about wine. It’s also about chocolate. Chocolate and wine, are perfect together, mmm. This is apricot schnaps, it is local to the area.

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And they say it goes really well, whoa. Wow, that’s strong. It is time for the wine tasting tour to continue. My belly is full of chocolate, it’s time to roll. A little bit of rain can’t get our spirits down. We’re on a mission for wine and nothing is stopping us.

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Looks like we’ve beat the rainstorm. We’re at another beautiful town. And the only way to warm up, I think, is with a little bit of wine. This has been such a fun tour. We’ve ridden bikes through the countryside, in the rain, we’ve got to try new wines. This has been a great day.

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