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Imagine living life at the pace of the seasonal water flow of the Mekong River the mother of waters aside from the periodic flooding the flow here is slow, and peaceful can this pace endure. This is a depress that video keeping stick rights to the monks so.

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This is the activity for the local people that we doing every morning take off your shoe, and leave your shoe behind just open the buck up stick right, and make a wish before the man coming you make a wish by yourself locals, and travelers alike line the pavement to give alms to Buddhist monks at first light these monks are of the tera vaada school or lesser vehicle they eat only what is given to them. I think they’re beautiful they’re serene, and they’re concentrating they also seem to be grateful getting up at a. m. and it was actually a spiritual experience to feed the monks.

I mean it just their calmness, and their peacefulness kind of entered us by being there good morning now we just go to the fresh morning market where you can see the fresh product. Because are the people that come to get the fresh product after selling at the fresh market over here farmers from the interior joined fishermen from the Mekong River at the daily morning markets here the essential components of a typical Lao Asian meal can be purchased along with other delicacies. I love to go grocery shopping but.

I don’t think rat would be on my list here on dried rat thank you. So much for that. I appreciate it yes you never know it might be delicious we have seen many markets in the world in it.

This is one of the most interesting. I love my culture. I love to see when they do interact with the local people he loves his people he wants to make sure that we have a full understanding very eager to up for us to ask questions he’s got that inner quality about him.

I found it. I’m going to have some mint tea this morning very nice beautiful. I can’t grow anything like that in Minneapolis no long Prabang is a metropolis of, residents most of the Lao Asian population however resides in rural villages today’s that second departure we’re going to resist the rural areas.

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