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Utah – Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon, located here in Utah, is home to some of the most unique rock formations in the world. There’s so many beautiful colors as you look down into the canyon. They’re all different shapes and textures. You’ve got beige, but also this incredible vibrant orange. This is truly breathtaking.

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Bryce is known for its natural amphitheaters that have been carved by erosion over the millennia. I love how the pillars just shoot out from the ground, and I wonder what this will look like in another million years. When touring national parks in the Western United States, Bryce Canyon is a must.

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Utah – Zion National Park

Located just a short drive from Cedar City, Utah, you’ll find Zion National Park. There are so many different trails throughout the park that whether you’re a beginner or expert hiker, there’s a place for you to explore.


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As you walk through the canyon, it’s wild to think that this whole place was carved by the Virgin River passing through it. This is beautiful, huh? This is such an amazing, incredible place. It just seems really spiritual, and just the dramatic features are absolutely breathtaking. From the white, pink, and red rocks, to the rivers and beautiful foliage, Zion National Park can’t be missed.

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