Hey guys it is our last day here, I’m not feeling the best the bronchiectasis her last day here, and today we’re going to be working with the cassowaries, and the deer, and the peacock, and all the other animals that we haven’t seen yet alrighty guys our first task for the morning is we will be working on primates, and we need to you know dunk my gumboots. But we need to clean up the primate enclosures. So I think we’ve got some cheeky bananas, and corn to to distract them. So we can get in there there’s a monkey above you all right. So now it’s time to clean out all the different orangutan enclosures oh my gosh all that cleaning is always. So worth it when it’s feeding time, I’m currently inside I beg having closure, and I’ve got a lot of fruit these guys are one of my favorite on the floor street they’re nocturnal. So they’re quite tired at the moment that they’re so cute I love them that’s breakfast in bed this is a BA, and ma macaque macaque are some sort of monkey he likes eggs.


Because he wants your glove they said he grabs gloves come on you want your egg or not I think egg knock love egg no club egg, and they have peacocks here as well. So many different types of animals okay I’ve got someone’s lunch alright let’s go in one for you one for you, and I got lots of coal, and look at this this is a cassowary sorry beautiful looks like a dinosaur that’s so cool look at him photo hanging for the food the fruits behind you there you guys this is looking really cool we’re literally in the middle of a jungle right now this one’s just a little baby guys the last animal of the day is the deer, and I am obsessed with ears and, I’m very very excited right now who would have known they would have a deer here I don’t even know if they were in Indonesia or how they got this one hopefully she’s not all there she is oh my gosh she’s shy there she is oh my gosh hi I think she might have a cataract in one eye do you see how one of her eyes is are alike over Steve Oh. So cool over all that food wait you don’t even ask misfits the corn corn all this okay all of the green Wow all righty here we go we’ve just started doing our very last task at the project, and we are currently making some little nests for the birds, and this Chili’s in there not a prank they don’t what are we saying they don’t have any taste buds. So, and it’s got a good vitamin something a lot of vitamins in there, and they’re not gonna taste it it’s not a prank. So that’s the finished product next they can play around it yeah. Because this is enrichment enjoy alrighty it is the final dinner we’ve lost a volunteer, and we’ve lost Jess she hasn’t been sleeping at all this week. So – I think she went to a bedroom about four o’clock, and it’s like six o’clock now, and I think, I’m just gonna leave it, I’m not gonna check on her.

So hopefully she’s sleepy now hopefully she sleeps tonight if not her tummy will wake her up come get some food alrighty guys that is it’s another volunteer project done it has been awesome if you guys have any questions about what we did or how we felt or anything that wasn’t really conveyed on the posts leave a question below, and we’ll try reply to your comments as quickly as possible. But tomorrow we’re leaving, and we’ll tell you all about the brand new project tomorrow thanks so much for reading guys, and we will see you tomorrow night.

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