Packing tips for studying abroad in Australia

If you’re planning to study abroad in Australia, you’re in for a fantastic time. The people, the beaches, and the culture all add up to an experience that will provide you with a world-class learning experience, both in the classroom and in life. While you’re probably daydreaming about your plans for adventure and learning abroad, you’re also probably wondering what to pack. After all, you’re limited on weight and size of your suitcases. Well drag out that suitcase and cross these items off your to-do list!

Here are some tips for getting packed and ready for Australia.

First, bring a camera and a journal

You might think you’ll be too busy studying, exploring, and hitting the beach, but there will be plenty of downtime and moments for for reflection. You’ll want to snap pictures of all the natural wonders surrounding you, and you will want to capture your thoughts, inspirations, and memories in a journal. So do yourself a favor and leave room for these items in your travel bag.

Next, a word about electronics

Most students bring laptops or tablets into the classroom for note taking, but it’s really up to you. If you prefer simply pen and paper that’s fine. If you intend to bring any electronic gadgets whatsoever, remember you will need to purchase a power adapter to ensure they work with Australian power outlets.

You can also hop on your laptop or tablet and head over to CourseFinder to find any courses that aren’t offered at your Australian university of choice. It’s a big country, so even when you’re there, being able to complete a course online is going to expand your education in a way that works for you.

There’s no need to bring along the hairdryer or curling iron. Australian outlets put out some high voltage, and most of these items can struggle with the output. If you must have one, consider purchasing a cheap one when you arrive.

What about your wardrobe?

Australia is has quite a laid back culture, so you won’t need to wear heels or suits and ties to class every day. Pack about a week’s worth of casual clothes. Pack some sturdier jeans and shirts for any hiking, and remember that it isn’t hot all the time. Late May to August can be chilly in Australia, so bring along a sweatshirt!

Of course, you’ll also want to bring a couple of nicer outfits for hitting the clubs, going on dates, or internship interviews. Just make sure you don’t forget a swimsuit.

And don’t forget about your shoes!

Flip-flops, sandals, and sneakers will serve as you during your stay in Australia, but you should also bring a pair of dressier shoes. Also, if you are a hiker, bringing along some sturdy hiking shoes is a must.

What about the toiletry bag?

Make-up is more expensive in Australia, so if that’s part of your routine, definitely try to fit some into your suitcase. When it comes to shampoo, soap, conditioner and dental hygiene items, you can easily grab these items from the dollar store, so save the room and just bring a few travel-sized items to get you through the first few days before you go shopping.

Finally, don’t forget a backpack

One thing you won’t be doing a lot of in Australia is staying still. You’ll probably go on a couple of weekend trips, as well as day excursions. Make sure you have a sturdy bag that can be ready on a moment’s notice and prepare yourself for an amazing time studying abroad.

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