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Namaste my name is a promise or shrestha, and people call me ROM and I’m from Nepal Katmandu Nepal and I come from her any group called noir in ewr they were. I was born, and raised in middle-class family close to the old square of Katmandu. I still remember when.

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I was a little kid. I noticed the people living nearby my houses they’re all very poor very poor. I I still remember my mother had to walk rowley – minutes to face a water from the spring or from water spout there were no cars there very few dirt roads, and we used to run after the car every time we see the car coming through the dirt road there was a Katmandu probably years ago but now calendar is very crowded lots of cars very busy city when.

I take my travels to the monument all these old monuments they are mostly built by as rulers called mala mal la mala dynasty king we call him since. I belong to same group every time. I take my travel to the monument.

I belong to those monuments. This is how. I connect myself with the monument.

So with the Travis hiking in Malaya is definitely a big highlight a nun Epona reason Mount Everest reason hiking is very difficult, it’s not difficult in the sense, it’s not high altitude hiking we are not going early on high altitude but lots of up hand down, and step walking but once you get to the lodge from the hike all your tiredness disappear. Because you get a magnificent view in front, and on top of that we need lots of local people all the villages we pass through all these small villages, and you stop there we talk to you travelers sure their experience of living in that area but very limited resources they have nothing they have their field they are working in a field growing they’re all these crops, and they’re hitting on all these crops all they know is to wake up go to the field work farm you know, and raise these crops, and it that’s all very simple life clear leading. I find them very innocent in your life very innocent we are very honest they don’t think too much personal benefit they always think for Intel community, and that’s a good thing we get to know when we could.

I would like to have unforgettable experiences for my travelers. So that they have good memories unforgettable memories they can sure when they go back to their home you.

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