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Are you looking for a beautification at an isolated uninhabited island that offers an alluring view of the unspoiled nature besides some crazy water sports Tanaka da Island in luck should lead India is the place here the pristine white beach, and incredibly clear turquoise water gives you the feeling of being in a paradise if paradise was honored during a podium get away to luxuries in January 2018 we made the sinakara island our abode for three days in this post we will give you an overview of this heavenly island, and of experience. But before we get started I have a little request if you are new to this blog, and haven’t commentd it yet then please comment our blog India grew more to get notified of a future post uploads now let’s begin hey guys soviet agathi airport, and from here that host people you know the people who arranged the trip those guys they arranged a cab, and this cab takes you to the boat, and one of the boats is going to take us to our island – Kara mmm a 45-minute boat ride from a Gotti Airport towards.

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Terracotta Island is an experience in itself a journey you will remember reading the ever-changing color of the ink blue water from emerald to turquoise blue while offering a sneak peak into the rich coral reefs underneath all along the way from a gaudy to tina cara holds your attention keeping you engaged, and thrilled the size of large Lagoon of bangaram atoll with never-ending gleaming turquoise through water makes you want to get into water the moment you lay your eyes on it there are three uninhabited islands in the same area sinakara Pirelli 1, and Pirelli two sinakara is a tiny teardrop-shaped Island which lies 8 kilometres north is from Agra the airport the island is just opposite side of bangaram Island sharing the same Lagoon, and is the 15 minutes both right from there you as you approach 10 acara island the lagoon gets more, and more mesmerizing, and you can see the silver white sand with hot waiting to accommodate you the moment you step onto the soft white coral sand the scenic location of this isolated island gives you the realization about how meaningless the materialistic things are, and that real happiness can only be derived from Mother Nature.

The island has ten Beach facing tanks with bamboo fencing under attached roof structure to keep away the Sun there I came chairs, and tables in front of each tent, and a couple of Hamas strung on huge palm trees the tantrum inside was spacious clean, and very basic equipped with a decent bedding fans a dresser, and basic toiletries the bottle is small, and a little compact water smells effect due to sulfur compound it’s recommended to leave water in the bucket for 15 minutes before using the management plans to renovate the accommodation by replacing the tents with cottages similar to the ones at bangaram. But seriously who cares about the room when you have such a breathtaking view of the white sand, and blue lagoons all around you know luxury in the world can beat the beauty peace, and tranquility of this island this place is all about enjoying nature, and being one with it , and and after having unpacked we headed towards the dining area for lunch the space was rustic simple, and clean it was a pocket spread, and food was simple hygienic, and tasty since it was afternoon, and even a little tired from the journey we decided to take some rest under the shade of lush palm trees right in front of our tent this soft white sand at a Makara makes it one of the best beaches for lazing in the Sun the eye length pristine sand beach stretches forever into clear turquoise water, and palm trees dangled over the beach creating perfect shade , and hey guys. So after having lime to be took a short nap like for two hours. Because we were told he tired it was quite early in the morning at 4 o’clock, and they were talki exhausted.

So right now it’s like a food hardy p.m. peach hannity shuttle reading. So yes that’s where we are going at 4:30 p.m. after sipping in a cup of warm tea it was time for turtle watering session in the ocean the laguna tina cara island is full of sea turtles, and we were totally excited about reading them nizam Carla took us into a boat the boat ride itself was very adventurous as they could dip our feet into the water while sitting on the edge of boot the crystal clear emerald water offered unrestricted use of the gorgeous corals, and colorful fish we spotted quite a number of sea turtles during this one on boat ride it was very easy to spot them as they were all around for lovers of nature, and all things cute reading sea turtles swimming in front of you will be an unforgettable experience , and we also listed the parody – Island which lies in the north south edge of the lagoon again a very beautiful, and unspoiled island with pristine white Beach. But what time haha crash yeah oh my God look at this.

So my awful what is this guys this is amazing this is crazy this is insane there are so many crabs right we came across hundreds of hermit crabs emerging from its shell making a sharp contrast against the white sand the sighting of such a huge number of crabs was thrilling, and mind-blowing after spending around half an hour at the island we made a return to sinakara Island was in sunset from the boat was amazing we spent the evening swinging on the hem ox while enjoying the cool breeze it got dark soon, and the island was lit with colorful dim lights making the ambience a little celebratory at 7:30 p.m. it was dinner time after which we retired for the night Oh, and hey guys Hey it’s 22 January, and second day added in Agoura island, and you look at the view everything is so peaceful. So calm and. So serene, and the sand the cover that is just. So good, and it’s so good move that kippers over there, and we just want to walk barefoot early the next morning after enjoying reading this beautiful sunrise, and delicious breakfast equal time for kayaking in the beautiful Lagoon , and you the shallow Lagoon is perfect for kayaking, and snorkeling as it is much calmer than the open sea is paddling through the Blue Lagoon while reading the breathtaking views of the island was amazing Oh Oh after one hours of caffeine it was kind for yet another amazing, and thrilling water sports at luxury shipwreck snorkeling hey guys.

So we are back from kayaking, and now we are going now for shipwreck earth snorkeling Sophia : you have to call him. But where he is I campaigned by trained divers we made our way towards the thrilling adventure the location of shipwreck snorkeling is the five minutes boat ride from China Cara almost near the end of the lagoon bear ship Princess Royal thanks two hundred years ago , and and the bond crystal clear water, and bright sunlight made for a perfect snorkeling experience the shipwreck is full of marine life, and we saw a number of colorful fishes, and corals stay tuned for a separate post on shipwreck snorkeling at luxury coming soon on this blog , and and, and , and you gotta give a leg I mean these are banana these people are very professional, and they give us a very lovely snorkeling experience. So thank you thank you so much after snorkeling you spent the rest of the day lazing in this time, and at evening went by get another turtle reading session we truly enjoyed this activity hmm it was 26 january india republic day my birthday, and our ninth wedding anniversary we were glad that you chose luxuries to celebrate a special day the spend the early morning are sitting on the island reading the beautiful sunrise, and the pristine white-sand surrounded by the turquoise, and aqua blue seen during the day they took a boat ride to bangaram Island it was only after the spring dispute aful island we planned to spend up for today over here you can watch the Bund Guram Island review by clicking on the link in the description box below you can also find the link in the print comment we were back at Anna Cara by afternoon, and at evening we enjoyed a beachside stroll this sandy beach, and Lagoon on the back side of the restaurant area is breathtakingly amazing you can simply walk around the beach for hours, and even make a splash in the water.

Oh at evening common had arranged a little surprise for me our gate cutting ceremony followed by candlelight dinner by the ocean the staff was very cooperative, and friendly they prepared an eggless cake at the island just what we wanted, and it was delicious they also joined us in a little celebration, and it was fun , and 10 acara island in Luxor dweeb is one of the most beautiful, and pristine place that gives you the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere with its open landscape, and pure white soft sand walking barefoot along the beach, and swimming into the shallow warm turquoise Lagoon is an amazing experience come to Tina Carra Island if you are looking for tranquility peace, and seclusion for maddening crowd shallow blue lagoons colorful coral beautiful sunrise, and sunset views combines with the number of adventure watersports, and amazing hospitality make Spain acara Island, and luxuries a must visit holiday destinations for more details, and additional information about this island visit our website India kuma comm link in the description box below we hope you enjoy reading this post, and found it useful please give this post a big thumbs up leave us a comment down below, and share it with your friends, and please comment our blog India kuhmo for more travel reviews click on the following links to watch more exotic posts thanks for reading you.

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