Tower of London

Both a royal palace and world heritage site, the Tower of London is one of the most iconic sites here in London.

Tower Of London Lights

We’re here nice and early before basically anyone else ’cause we’re gonna be seeing the opening ceremony of the Tower of London. He’s the man that makes sure that the tower’s secured and he actually carries the Queen’s keys.

Tower of London Photo Gallery

Tower Of London Tour

The keys have been escorted by the guards and the Tower of London is now officially open. Built by William the Conqueror as a royal residence, it’s also been a prison, armory and home of the Royal Mint.

Tower Of London Ravens

Easily the most magnificent thing here at the Tower of London and maybe in all of London, is the Crown Jewels, so we’re gonna head in and see that but, no cameras allowed. We’ve stopped here at Traitor’s Gate and this is where they brought some of the prisoners in by boat at high tide.

Tower Of London History

One of those prisoners, Princess Elizabeth, who would eventually become Queen Elizabeth I. Well, the Tower of London, to be there when they were opening the doors and see the keys and the beefeater and these really special things that made it so unique– It’s an experience that we can take back to our family and our friends and share what we truly experienced.

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