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The blue Daniel imagine the colorful characters whose lives this river once flowed through composers royalty, and the castles they lived in, and religious leaders of the old world what legacy remains just a relaxing cruising down the river, and seeing all the nice castles, and towns the Danube is Europe’s second-longest River, and flows through ten countries including.

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Hungary, and its capital city Budapest you since the collapse of the Eastern Bloc in Budapest has thrived to become a cultural, and economic part of the nation the day has just been great. Because there’s such a beautiful city and So much to see.

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I just can’t wait to get back on the streets, and see some more the hungarians call it Hajin II the Germans Pressburg but since Slovakia call it brought to slava Maria Theresa queen of Habsburg, and mother to Marie Antoinette had the castle stairs modified.

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So she could ride her horse upon spared the devastation of the World War Two bombing raids Prague is considered one of s turn Europe’s best-preserved old-world cities the city’s regal beauty spreads to both sides of the winding move tava river with sixteen picturesque bridges guilt in Charles Bridge is one of the city’s oldest, and most iconic structures this bridge made Prague a significant trade route between Eastern, and Western Europe there’s.

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So much history here North Dakota is only years old, and there’s no way to compare it the Danube, and beyond a chance to absorb the culture, and heritage of Europe’s picturesque old-world cities you.

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