Drop it to the drop drop drop it game drop drop it – drop it game drop drop to the drop drop drop yeah pretty baby looking good up in that sundress unless you wanna take it out down put it down in the sand looking very very late starts at the post today it is Saturday if you were the 18 mm you know what should be I have a crowd right now got a little crowd.


But now like I was saying super late start to the post today it is February 18th 2018 it’s Saturday afternoon check out where we’re at this is as close to paradise as you can get in this area hands down with the nicest villas we’ve seen. So far don’t that that the how are you tape a Lena not bad not bad for a Saturday it’s live computers yeah. But how epic is this are you doing what it wasn’t water aerobics for what oh yeah today is a big day today we are shooting a swimwear it’s not a campaign it’s more like swimwear social media shoot. But we’re doing that in a few hours. So if you’re reading this you’re new to the blog hit that comment button give it a thumbs up, and continue reading the post. Because it’s gonna be probably one my best flogs ever first off let me backtrack a little woke up super early I got some work done then we checked out of the ize hotel all right bless you early in the morning checking out the eysie hotel in its m neon which is one of the nicest spots especially. Because it’s right in the middle of the city.

So it kind of has the touristy vibe if you’re looking for that I have to say that pool that pool is one of the nicest pool that seen just here for one night. But this hotel mm I swim some laps this morning perfect after that we jumped in a taxi hey taxi. So we are at this super super fancy resort meeting up with Jess’s friend, and we’re gonna go from there oh look at this place. So nice where are we exactly what is this part of Bali you watch whoo that’s the place okay are you ready wait wait wait turn around goodbye my gosh Pauline has been camera shy the whole afternoon we just been hanging out waiting for the golden hour. Because like I said at the beginning of this post we were doing a photo shoot for a swimmer brand for this type of photo shooting a golden hour that’s when you get the best images on the beach oh one more yeah thank you sir we’re heading to this beach apparently Paulina knows where it’s at it’s the secret location, and she did a shoot there I think a year ago for rusty the surf company we’re cutting through this field now Bingham Beach we’re gonna shoot right down there this people are jumping off those rocks Helena’s friend it took us a despised walk through a field like a shrimp cow pasture to this cliff what’s that here, I’ll jump down, I’ll come to you Oh also everyone this is Nick this is Jess’s friend from Australia Gold Coast represent anyone from Gold Coast say what’s up not too much of a wave though huh we just came from up there you walked down this steep set of stairs to this abandoned building that looks like there was a fire or something here. But there’s also some stand up paddle. So know who’s around here too often a little context for the shoot Paulina is actually taking most of the photos she’s shooting her two friends, and then, I’m doing kind of behind the scenes post, and then, and then justice for Nick is Jess here kind of hanging out, and this Beach is a deserted beach it’s more or less a private beach.

So we’re gonna get naked, and go swim around, and all that good stuff the photographer on the shoot today, and we got here a little earlier super huh way too bright the shots are sadly a bit too bright here how’s that can you see now yeah it’s way way too bright. But check out this little shack on the beach we got the whole crew hanging out. But we’re in a wave maybe like an hour – we kind of jumped the gun with the whole sunset way way too bright right now is this solid ground maybe not audience I thought we’re about to fall through the floor imagine this spot before it kind of decayed how cool would be Oh speak of the gang please I see billion dollars even if I strangest finally the Sun bison low, and it’s funny. Because Nick, and I were actually talking about how in past lives we were what’s the word for it insta hubby’s insta hubby’s meaning our ex-girlfriends we were the ones behind the camera taking all the pictures, and here it’s kind of like into the hubby. But not really it’s your friend insta friend that’s what this is yo young P how’s the shoot going it’s like Golden Hour which is looking for the Sun your eyes are like BAM, and then we have this one this one on the ground in the sand guy just like crawling around yeah shows the same volley just continues to blow my mind that, I’m standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sunset good surf today just photograph some sexy girls, and bikinis for a job life is pretty good yeah how you guys hey what’s up hey you guys from here how are you Jim Iran oh nice nice hey what’s up man hello how are you good good good good yo Bali for me it’s like whenever I come to places like this I feel like it’s almost tough in these posts to explain how epic it is so it’s like I’ve been shown more than I’ve been telling I think sometimes it’s a good thing this show not tell I can’t get over the fact that you live here woke better way to end the shoot on the beach with a nice swimming pool you know I thought we were gonna get lost his last name is Conover yeah Eric Conover nice to meet you Wow you look for the new person we have to open beside this is a huge bed look at this all to myself thank you yeah a bit of explaining to do. Because this is beyond I mean I blew my expectations like bullets when you go through life with no expectations like that’s something I’ve been trying to do a lot more recently when you don’t expect anything you never get disappointed.

So when I got the email for this place I had zero expectations I get in here mind blown expectations the name of this place is called the Samata, I’m the only one standing here the girls stayed behind the wazoo, and we had this Villa booked, and they’re like oh we’re going to stay behind like were you sure they wanted to stay, and Here I am in this huge mansion of a villa this bathroom is probably 2 times the size of my first New York City apartment, I’m not even kidding you this bathroom is massive, I’m just thinking this place is so big should I have a party here I could have a legit apartment or I guess Villa this is kind of a villa I like a legit villa party here I was gonna do this right now. But it’s kind of late it’s almost midnight if you want to see an apartment tour of this place I keep calling this place an apartment. Because I feel like this should be a New York City apartment just the layout if you want to see a tour of this place give the post a thumbs up let me know, and if there’s enough thumbs up tomorrow we’ll give a full tour of this resort I mean I walked around a little bit already, I’m not gonna kid you with walk out this way there’s a huge Terrace dining room table, and check out these pools apparently he was saying that’s the lap pool for workout, and this is for fun, and then over here there’s another pool. But oh my gosh can you just imagine this in the daytime what this looks like yeah pretty pretty amazing today was like a dream today was one of those days where you know you pinch yourself, and you have to ask is this real life to explain I mentioned yesterday in the post that I got contacted by this company called Asia collective they sent me a list of hotels, and villas, and asked if I’d be curious, and staying in them, and posting freelance posts for these hotels you know me, I’m a yes man. So of course I said yes, and Here I am at this five-star villa in Bali if you liked the post let me know if you’re new to the blog comment I post posts almost every single day I travel a lot live in New York City that’s it for today tomorrow another crazy day in Bali I will see you then. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion good night everyone.

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