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Seaplane rides are available, not just during fly-in, but all the time. Rides range from fifteen minute tours to tours of Baxter State Park that can take an hour and a half. Vloose watching tours and drop offs to hiking, golfing, or fishing spots are also available.

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Alie fly in is accompanied by other events, including plane races, a canoe/seaplane race (don’t ask!), and a 5k foot race.

Greenville, a town of around 1,800, attracts several times that number during the fly in, so it’s best to plan ahead for accommodations,

Sorry, you can’t actually drive a Stanley Steamer, the steam powered ear invented by enterprising tw ins Francis and Freelan Stanley of kinglield, but you might be able to ride in one.

I he brothers produced the first Stanley Steamer in 1897, and over the next two years they sold 200 cars, more than any other American automobile manufacturer. In 1899, they drove a Steamer up Mount Washington, the first car to make the 7.6 mile climb. In 1906, their steam powered racer set a world speed record for the fastest mile bv an automobile 28.2 seconds at 127 niph. Ihis record was not broken until 1911. and wasn’t broken by another steam car until 2009.

The Stanley Motor Carriage Company produced the best known and best selling steam cars until 1924, when the gasoline powered internal combustion engine usurped the steam engine.

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