Tangshan Vacations

THE SACRED MOUNTAIN After the two bus-rides, we Tangshan Vacations still had about forty miles to go and over lunch considered the merits of a taxi rank Tangshan Vacations of ponies, mules and donkeys drawn up before us. Neither Victor nor Hanneke are horsey people so it was left up to me to explain that we didn’t want a donkey or a mule (too slow), we wanted a nicely-built pony with sturdy legs.

Not wanting breakdowns I took a good look at the trimness of their feet. A secondary consideration was the type of cart. They were dogcarts, and although of course, springs were not on offer, we agreed we might need one with roll bars and a tarpaulin against probable rain. That only left a choice of two ponies with suitable carts, and since the driver of one was asking twice the recommended price we took the more honest taxi-man.

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