Wedding on Turks and Caicos

Odds are you’ve never planned a destination wedding, and it’s impossible to prepare for every possible hitch. But what are some typical blunders couples make? We asked our team of experts to share the mishaps they see most and how to troubleshoot them. the blunder Forgetting the weather The experT: Ali phillips, a professional wedding planner based in Chicago, is the engine behind engaging events by Ali. She draws on her background in financial and project management.

Recently in Turks and Caicos, there were high winds at both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. As we were setting up, we all were running around to make sure the linens and runners didn’t fy of the tables. the Fix For outdoor events, come prepared and ready to improvise. For the event in Turks and Caicos, I brought double-side sticky Velcro and was able to adhere the runners quickly to the table linens. The bride had also wanted to have petals lining the aisle, but because of the high winds, we weren’t able to put the petals down. Instead, we arranged a cute petal toss with the bride, groom and bridesmaids following the ceremony.

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