Impalila Island Lodge Namibia

During the South African administration of Namibia people were moved off in pallulah island to create a reserve a few families returned to the island after the floods of the late s. Because of the safety provided by its higher elevation. This is the festival edge we have a couple of them around the island we can’t about to minutes are on time you can meet the village you can mingle with them.

Impalila Island Lodge Namibia Photo Gallery

This is the temp for travelers to do a lot of learning, and discovery this place reminds me of the village that. I was born. I was born in a village with this water and I used to do fishing, and swimming in the river where this crocodile say only the parents of the coefficient adopt a family they go to the fishing villages, and whatever they get there they have to send it back to the villages filled up everybody for additional income some families grow corn pumpkins, and other vegetables to sell to area lodges as well as in the local market Impa Lila island is situated at the confluence of the Cho Bay, and Zambezi rivers this wetland is one of the most biodiverse areas in Namibia for locals paddling a dugout canoe among hippos just part the daily commute do you like birds.

This is nice this but a lot of noise that you can see. So much choice here fishing last time when I was yeah what the big tiger there’s quite a lot of fish that you get along this river the boat, and they’re taking their SATs Ruth they’re taking groceries their two children magically W – good luck you.

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