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Guys welcome back to Budapest today’s the last day of our trip, and the cold snap continues to follow us down as we travel yesterday wasn’t that cold, and this morning I look at it’s like negative nine right now it’s snowing snowing, and I was getting excited that it wasn’t snowing in Budapest, I’m like the winter is following us today we’re gonna go out, and explore. So we want to try some local Hungarian food that’s not to to cold it is negative 8 though as long as it doesn’t get windy it’s fine yeah I think that’s what to do today we have 24 hours to see everything guys is literally a tour group here for this viewpoint that is next to our hotel really impressed with the like location it is actually a really beautiful viewpoint if you guys aren’t saying it oh yeah really nice view of the city.

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Because we are on a hill yeah if you guys didn’t know the river splits it. So we’re in Breda, and across the river is perfect. So bruders like the hilly section, and then pest is where it’s like really flat yeah we’re going over to pest right now to go, and check it out if you guys were interested in coming this is buda castle, and fisherman’s bastion aka Hogwarts all right guys you have just come across to the water oh when I come to the chain bridge, and it looks like it’s peak out at the Myron Aaron’s off to war yeah Mayor through the snow I think we have a new saying the day doesn’t begin until the coffee’s we literally almost got blown off chain bridge I was like a touched honey. But I said let go of Jack Frost potable oh my god on the bridge ricotta cafe brunt is a very cute family-run place super small this is it we’re thinking of getting some salmon eggs, and we’re gonna try a little Hungarian Danish as well this is all I need right now all our breakfasts just came out guys this was $10 each that’s pretty good pretty cheap yet anyway if I gotta trying a Hungarian pastry as food of a sweet cream cheese cottage cheese yeah sweet cottage cheese never heard of anything like it what’s inside some first Hungarians for you to try on cottage cheese the sweet let me see inside it smells nice that’s really nice how you think carrot cake can you think it’s not gonna be sweet, and tastes like vegetables you can cottage Jesus, and place like cheese.

But it doesn’t it like it’s sweet hmm he’s a knife mm-hmm I should try some oh your breakfast itself Oh super-yummy start today also interact with two Hungarians just randomly. So far, and they seemed super friendly like someone was recommending some restaurants for us it was Lebanese side, and we can go first stop st. Stephen’s Basilica apparently there’s a nice view look, I’m going we’re going from in directivity to interactivity today guys this is too cold a cold snap has come, and followed us along Europe, and today it’s just tremendous we’re very cold. So indoor to the interactivity. But going to some very cool spots. So this way. So you see is vessel Iike stop number one okay they have like a little viewpoint up there, and we want to go up.

But it’s two hundred dollars to enter. So we want okay let’s go get two hundred dollars the bank gave us a ten thousand dollar note. So, I’m like we cannot give that poor lady ten thousand dollars I want a million dollars change. So it’s an excuse to go get another coffee okay guys back onto the exploring I feel much warmer now we have officially defrosted yes let’s go check out this basilique three hundred, and two steps Bobby’s cheese pastry we had, and the two coffees oh man those steps what’s in there the views of others a ferris wheel Wow okay this is a pretty insane view it’s like what three dollars each to come up here yeah super cheap I like that we just come to the other side, and we can see Parliament House just over there, I’m off to go check it out oh wow definitely worth coming up here yeah, and there’s our okay. So that’s the river just over there then. Because that’s the castle remember that dumbass pointing up that’s underneath. So that’s what we saw at the top yeah alright guys I think we’ve worked out the best way to stay warm guys didn’t know Hungary has a lot of like bath houses, and we just found this it’s outside, and I see the birds absolutely loving it it is currently steaming good you reckon that’s warm oh yeah that is definitely to go test it out like this is steaming this isn’t even the Bob this is just a like a lake let’s test this out this is either gonna be very cold or very warm it’s warm that’s so strange Stevie.

But it’s a pond like it’s not inside the bars inside the building let’s go mix it. So like misty. So we’ve decided to come to the most famous thermal baths here in Budapest. But I have no idea how to pronounce it. So Stephen please put the words up here, and yeah we are ready to hopefully have a nice warm dip to unfreeze our little toes it is very cold today it’s very grand for a bath instead of a locker you can hire a cabin like a little change room, and you can keep everything in here it’s like a little mini cabin already section two bucks each alrighty let’s get into our togs okay oh my goodness I don’t know how much you guys can see it is steam it’s insanity you can like barely see anything, I’m sure a lot of you guys have been hearing summer. So, I’m sure this is interesting to see what it is I like Turner how busy it is cuz I can’t see anybody I see much less severe than when it’s you summer oh I think it’s like a fountain snowing a moment to spend way too much time in here how about, and we need to get out. So cold I can see why this is the most popular one.

Because it’s in a really cool building yeah does feel nice to be back in won’t close though my hands are wet it’s like turning into ice crystals like this is so weird guys that was such a cool little experience, and if he comes to Budapest you have to do there are a whole bunch of other thermospas he can vary too we just thought those we had 24 hours let’s go to the most popular, and I can see why it’s the most popular, I’m sure it’s some other that must be packed and.

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