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The following route will take in most of the sites of historic, religious and mythological interest. Allow 4 hours for the recommended round trip of 9.5 kilometres of steep hilly ground. If it is at the end of a days walking (you’ll be tired and therefore slower) or if you intend to make a thanksgiving or purification ritual, then allow longer. Note that it is 3.5 kilometres just to the lighthouse (7.0 kilometres there and back).

Leaving the Refugio pass up the narrow street (C/ Real) at the side of the Refugio into the old part of the town through the main square (Plaza de la Constitucion). Veering right into the plaza Ara Solis. Up ahead is the seafaring chapel of :

The famed lighthouse at the end of the world’ has recently been refurbished. Several monuments stand testimony to the violent discovery’ of the Americas by European explorers. The most recent and uplifting addition is one of over 100,000 peace poles planted by the World Peace Pole Project to foster world peace. Its simple message May Peace Prevail On Earth’ Que La Paz Prevalezca En La Tierra points heavenward encouraging us to think peace to create peace’.

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Faro Finisterre And the last ‘way mark The Atlantic swell swirls around the cape (Cabo Finisterre) 126 metres (413 feet) below. With the advent of GPS satellite navigation systems the lighthouse is largely redundant. A tour of the interior is now possible and refreshments are available. Just above the lighthouse is the refurbished marine observatory which has been converted into an exclusive Hospederia bar and restaurant, O Semaforo (Tel: 981 – 725 869) 40 en suite single (mid-season).

Most people now make their way back down to the town and miss the mystery and mythology that surrounds the Monte Facho area. When you feel complete with the lighthouse make your way back to the turn off left up the hill (signposted Mirador): TURN OFF VP HILL (MIRADOR) Here on your left are the gas vent pipes from the last rubbish tip in mainland Europe! Previously an open cast mine it was covered over for the Holy year in 1999. It is overlooked by a rather bleak viewpoint. A steep climb up the asphalt road brings you to a dirt track straight ahead (300 metres before the radio mast) at: 0.7 km DIRT TRACK to San Guillermo’s hermitage this is gloriously unmarked and somewhat overgrown, so no tourists and few pilgrims make it to this magical spot. Continue down this track for 800 metres and watch out for a path through the gorse on your right towards a large boulder on the Eastern horizon (This modest rise is known as Monte San Guillermo 221 m/ 725 feet). [The 3 large boulders on the left (western) horizon make up the Ara Solis and Monte Facho]. The hermitage is a bare ruin and well hidden behind an enormous boulder that acted as shelter and part of the original ermita. Push your way through the gorse for another 300 metres to:

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