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Oh the turkish coast, and islands of greece an area filled with ancient legends, and the ruins where these legends once took place.

I’ve never been to Turkey before and I’m just looking forward to the whole day’s experience well. I’m really fascinated by seeing some of the ancient historical sites today. I’m looking forward to getting on the boat what mythic heroes will come to life for you sailing the storied waters of the Aegean Troi best known as the besieged city in the tales of the Trojan War was not considered to be a real place until a hillside was uncovered in.

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So you will be able to see the different levels of the city from the very beginning. So we shall see some examples on the way this level of the foundations it goes back to Troy the second, and Troy deterred these are the original foundation stones belonging to the fortification wall BC, it’s a fantastic site it gives you a view that. I just hadn’t experienced before, and although, it’s just basically you see stone laying around the significance of it is quite standing it seems to come alive even though it’s.

So old and I would have to say the other guide is just done a fabulous job with the explanation of everything the Oracles told them that she is pregnant, and this baby boy he will be the reason for the destruction of the city of Troy Troy is one of the most ancient cities in Asia Minor which is our country today, and the story behind the Troy especially Paris heckuva their children abduction of Helen. This is a fascinating story and I can imagine this story this war happened right in front of these gates, and in front of these walls. I love the city. How did it feel to walk these streets in a city under siege by the Greeks in the th century BC.

Because Paris the young Prince of Troy abducted Helen the beautiful Queen of Sparta well. I’m real interested in the archaeology the fact that there are multiple layers of the city that that to me is interesting now a UNESCO World Heritage Site troy’s ruins are the most significant evidence of the early contact between Anatolia, and the rest of the Mediterranean world nested deep within the Cossack Valley a village that time nearly forgot today is our. I mean.

This is our chance to for our village visit to have lunch with the village people. We’ve been travelling large cities intermediate cities. So now the ability to want to come to a small village is that’s really a luxury but ahead of us we will be seeing the Turkmen go.

This is bad this just be kind of it there yeah man they are dangerous you are hired okay take Jason huh whoops okay thank you yes oh. This is lovely Owen oh. This is wonderful, it’s warm, and crispy, and tender locally crafted wine, and fresh bread serve as an appetizer, and an introduction to life here, it’s tart, it’s not a sweet wine at all, it’s quite a tart wine should taste pretty good with lunch, and now a local lunch going to lunch in it Medina’s house.

I’m looking forward to it yes you’re pretty what pretty colors you can see. So far, and all the way down there, it’s amazing oh good you’re being spoiled yes egg tomato they make their own boys oh yeah boy yeah the deserts local local desert oh. So guys your cooking is.

So good, it’s, and you need that, it’s love mm-hmm they’re very gracious, and she has a beautiful beautiful outfit on you’re beautiful joke’s on you yeah yeah yeah can the misty view man yeah does it result Oh under wonderful okay can’t start until he’s ready yeah exactly a shawl Oh ah that’s quite nice very nice goes with you welcome to Acropolis of carga monavie down below there is the steepest Hellenistic theater from the ancient world built on a hill rising feet above the surrounding Valley Pergamon was an important capital city in ancient times theatre was a very popular place for people to meet, and also the scene big harvest festival each year most of the buildings, and monuments in Pergamum date between to BC stand among the ruins imagine the activity of those long-ago times, and take part an involved tradition yourself there is supposed to be if you get your coin to stick on the top of the column your wish will come true unfortunately some mine just went down with a private small ship as your vessel of discovery sail forth to visit the classic monuments the hilltop sanctuary where Hippocrates wrote his famous oath the great battlefields where Troy nearly lost comes alive once again. I’ve learned a lot about the Iliad which. I read in college but never understood fight the same leg revel in the timeless beauty, and heritage of the Turkish coast, and islands of Greece on an epic voyage of your own hi or as you say in Turkish muhabba.

I’m Adnan do ng from Istanbul Turkey. I am a program director for Grand Circle Cruise Lines Turkish coastal voyage. I think it was my destiny to be a tour guide.

I was born on the world tourism day, and September th before the first world war there were more than half a million Turkish Turnagain today’s Greece, and there were more than million Greeks living in today’s Turkey in as a result of a population exchange, and a peace treaty all those people had to exchange land parents still live in Greece, and they came to turkey from Greece for me, it’s very special to go to these land, and to see where my ancestors used to live they say that Turkey is like a compressed United State in one small country vitalized in Texas. You’ll find different cultures different ethnic groups different religions different to geography and So that makes traveling in Turkey very exciting you don’t get bit. I think.

I like the island part of this our small ship allows us to get to the small island where big cruise ship cannot come but there are many more highlights after Foley’s Patmos Islands going through the streets of ancient Ephesus Hagin moon, and finally Istanbul. I think turkey should be on everyone’s Perelman my hook I’ll have a chance to be your guide in your future travel from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery.

You’ll start off in Istanbul a modern Turkish metropolis that covers two continents where. You’ll explore landmarks like the aya sofia then sail for along the Turkish coast stopping at sunkissed Greek islands like simi keels, and Patmos as well as historic Turkish sights like a thesis, and Bodrum. You’ll also board kayaks for a closer look at the rich wildlife that inhabits the tropical rainforest along the shore a miss journey.

You’ll delve into European history, and culture visit the ancient city of Troy long thought to be just a myth pull into the island of simmias crystal-clear waters, and step ashore to witness the islands picturesque architecture, and tap into the pulse of daily Turkish life during a tour of Istanbul’s labyrinth Grand Bazaar you.

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