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Valley is a gem among the, Indonesian islands which has become one of the most beloved destinations for tourists looking for exotic places the picturesque beaches of the island are favorable for surfers, and sunbathers while the groups of churches offer ample experiences in religion culture art history when the Dutch occupied the island in the three rulers of the city Don Bashar destroyed their own palaces, and committed ritual suicide, it’s almost the same as the Japanese seppuku from the point of its moral basis, and the method itself but here, it’s called papito a group of statues commemorates the three dukes in denpasar which became the capital city in poor iyaga not the church built in may be the most visited holy place on the island in Valley.

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In fact in all of Indonesia religion plays a more important role than anywhere else in Asia all activities of everyday life are intertwined with the communication with gods, and as far as sanctuaries go there are more here than anywhere else in the world poor iyaga notta was built for the god shang wang vide every new moon, and full moon a glorious festival which tourists are allowed to watch is held here the shrines in denpasar d, and the relics of the palace.

So displayed in the museum of negeri the neighboring town then Bashar means the city next to the market the settlement has always been an important commercial center its biggest traditional market is Pasha ba-doom which is on the east bank of the river with the same name everything that is typical of Asian markets is available here there are animals especially Birds in small bamboo cages sweet-scented flowers fresh colorful vegetables, and tempting fruit while poultry is bought to be eaten small monkeys are to become pets some songbirds are bought to let them free, and in this way the locals do their good turn of the day as demanded by Buddhism denpasar is known for its night markets which are open from sunset to late at night the emphasis is on clothes, and craft work here but we can find a wide range of souvenirs carvings ceramics, and homespun you.

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