Ice Cave Tour and Lava Cave Day Trip from Reykjavik

Iceland is the land of fire and ice, and today we will be exploring both by going deep into a glacier ice cave and then, exploring a lava cave. Let’s get goin’. So on the way to your first stop, you get access to these touch screens. Now, this is like a GPS guide. It’s incredibly informative.

Ice Cave Tour and Lava Cave Day Trip from Reykjavik Photo Gallery

Woo! That was a crazy ride. Now let’s go in and enjoy the ice cave. The great thing about these crampons is that we’re gonna be able to actually walk on the ice in the ice cave here. This is beautiful. We’re in the belly of Langjokull Glacier. So, if there is less than six percent of oxygen, then the light gets in and gets trapped, and reflects only the bluish tint. I’m absolutely blown away. It’s massive and it’s gorgeous. You feel like you’re in another world. That ice cave was phenomenal.

Now, I’m headed back on the truck and we’re goin’ to our next stop. We’re going deep into the interior. This is so cool. I’m crawling through the Earth. This is water that’s dripped from the ceiling. When it hits the rocks, it freezes instantly. And over the course of the winter it builds up. There’s about 18 meters of cooled lava on top of us. This is incredible. This is really impressive.

The fact that this is all naturally made and we’re just kind of visitors who stumbled upon it. You know? Today’s experience was phenomenal. We started in those glacier ice caves and finished it off in these great lava caves. This has been incredible.

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