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This picturesque cove, located about 11 kilometres from Fira, constitutes the island’s only harbour. A few houses have sprung up around it, along with some tavernas. To the right of the quay is a pretty, small, pebbly beach.

Below: the red beach, one of the most sinking on Santorini.


Situated to the south of Athinios, this inland village belies its name, having only some 250 inhabitants.


The largest village in the south pari of the island stands in the hearl of a fertile plain.


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Venetian occupation, Emborio was one of Santorini's five castles as well as being its trading centre, as its name implies. On the mountain opposite, we can still see the windmills that also contributed to the prosperity of the district. The people of Emborio, called Boryiani, were also renowned seafarers, in former times a man with a lantern used to walk from house to house before dawn to wake up the fishermen – a kind of community alarm clock. The port for Emboreio was Perissa.


One of the most popular beaches on Santorini and one of the most geared to tourism, Perissa has coarse black sand. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants and other facilities. The east side of the beach is overshadowed by the dark hulk of Mesa Vouno. There are also two churches worth seeing, the Holy Cross and St Irene.

Penssti the Huy barbour/or Embonti the mosl popular and crowded beach on Santonin Its sandy vxpun

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