Ziga Primary School Zimbabwe

I think they are the real Africa is meeting the people our school visit is fantastic. Because the young people are the future of the country, and it’s important to see. How to educate the travelers are interacting with the kids the kids are benefiting from interacting with the people of a different culture in the victim of a different race. So that when they go out there in the world they all fit in quite easily because.

Ziga Primary School Zimbabwe Photo Gallery

I know they have experienced that from a tender age like what they are doing right now beyond the seven years of primary education that this school provides it also offers food to the students throughout the school year had a wonderful time in the school was incredible, and children are beautiful. And it’s so exciting that they’re finally getting out baby, and it made us feel good to bring things, and help them. I think that the principal being there all alone for the longest time until we finally got health now there are eight of them ratings.

So more power to to see the joy they get out of life very hard, and it’s one of the reasons that come back to Africa you.

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